Hand of Shallya nerf

So it’s been nerfed down to V1 pre-trinket buff levels; actually a bit stronger since it was 20%. It just feels a little bit disappointing since it was such a good work as a team/be altruistic bit of health efficiency.

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Agreed, makes me sad. It was a good way to help while helping yourself. Now you may as well just heal yourself.

you are getting 135 % of HP instead of 100 % per med pack. Still worth it, especially on the wood elf. I would get used to rebalance notes. There are skills, traits and combos which are clearly overpowered to the point of broken, so I fully expect some abilities to change drastically.

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Yeah, it’s still useful. It was a shock at first, but I’m not surprised it was nerfed TBH. Every med kit was a double healing drop basically.

It was too strong compared to the other options, makes no sense to have one way above the others

It Was much better at healing than every other trait but regeneration while also not having any negative effect.

It also was an interesting mechanic that enforced teamplay and that people with it took healing talents.

Which trait and skill combos are broken? I want to see if i can run these combos in legend easily. You’re talking about recruit and vet aren’t you? I bet you are.

The point of it doing like 80% healing is because its only available on Legendarys? like isnt that the point in trying to get it… because its legendary rare?
stupidly ridiculously high nerf