We fixed veteran :)

ok so here is his current tree, with red circles indicating all of the garbage that should’ve been changed to make room for the new stuff

here are some proposed changes, with the goal of making the tree shorter, granting access to player-favorite options, and removing or buffing bad choices. Its not perfect, but it would be reasonably easy to implement and probably be better than what we currently have lmao


Remove the rest of the stat nodes at the end of the tree and we have an actual good vet tree.

calm down there elf main, some people actually play the game instead of lurking on the fartshart forums posting bait for dopamine all day


I don’t agree with your selection for deletion. The extra damage on ranged builds and the rescue trait are nice to have.


Do not agree with 3 things.
Regening % of toughness you regen to allies is legit great (with a caveat of when you have good toughnes regen and not this bs we have now), and, imo, should become a new aura instead of what we have now.
Revive speed is also awesome for those clutches and should exist as a choice.
“The 8 meters” talents should not exist in any way shape or form. Combining them will not fix the problem of them being opposite of good, because they simply will not work for 99% of the average damnation (not even talking about auric) game.

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I don’t agree with some of your choices as I actually do like the rez speed buff, but you’re right about the tree needing to be shorter and some nodes merged/removed.

Born leader would be pretty good if it worked when your own toughness is full. It doesn’t and so will continue to be a meme unless that is changed.


Those “8m area” nodes should be removed from the game, they are probably worth on sedition only


Then it should be changed in the way you described.
But generally it depends on vet’s toughness regen and vet’s toughness regen isnt the best clearly.
Still i like the idea of that talent, and do think that with some fixes it can be a pretty decent investement.

Not a terrible start. Personally I’d rather see them ditch the +1 grenade talent and keep Leave No One Behind. I also think the old capstones talents should just be removed. They were bad in patch 13 & 14 when they cost way too much to take, but we just ignored them. And now they’re both bad, due to nerfs, and we’re forced to take them to get into the keystones.

Another idea would be to move a lot of the talents from the bottom up into the middle of the three with more 3 way branches like Voice of Command has above it.


I found use for both the left and right ones in certain builds. The +weakspot power one was honestly very strong before, yes going for it made you pretty glass but it was debatably worth in some setups.

Regardless I tend to agree the situation is even worse now.

Ok gang Ive changed it to contain 80 choices so that its size is a lot closer to the other classes, allowing for more flexibility in choices, including comparable keystone access to other classes. Ive also included much of your feedback! Numbers and whatnot can be changed if considered too strong with this increased build variety, some notes are included, keystones are new obviously but I’ve tried to condense them a bit just for the example, its just a fun exercise. Also removed the generic ability modifiers for this one, I think this one looks pretty neat


That being the case, I’d like to propose an increase up from only 30 skill points to spend. Hopefully that would allow less railroading in creating one’s preferred build.

If they make demo team work for your teammates again this seems… mostly alright, at first glance? It moves most of the big ones up towards the top, combines some must-pick nodes, etc

Would be quite OP with ogryn nuke spam

Ogrynheimer is love, Ogrynheimer is life


Agreed. I’d still prefer they just made that nade the exception and let it work on everything else rather than making that talent just grenade regen 2: less consistent edition.

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I’ve thought about this before and I really disagree, with a caveat. The new Survivalist aura doesn’t always give back ammo, it caches it until you would get ammo back. Just do the same thing for the Ogryn nuke and maybe the Zealot fire nade.

For example Zealot Firde nade would need to proc 2-3 times to get 1 grenade back, Ogryn Frag bomb would need to proc 4-8 times for it to come back. Still a very powerful aura, remains competitive with Survivalist, and lets our Ogryn friends have fun without hopefully turning every map into a re-creation of WW1 no mans land.


also unlock highlighting ogryns. what’s the actual point of locking that one down? It takes a talent point away from something else, so it should be strong.

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Definitely looks a lot better, and the number of talents/stat nodes is way more in line with the other classes. Though I still think the bottom left branch is a mess and that Enhanced Target Priority should just be a normal talent that works with any ult. And moreover I can’t see Fatshark being ok with some of the talent placements, namely Iron Will, Desperado, and Deadshot.