Elf Regeneration has changed - I like it

Yes yes, champion players will come crying that she is even more useless now, but frankly, I’m just happy that there is a change and it makes sense.

In the betas, Waystalkers Regen was happening around every five seconds, regardless of hits or your current hp. The new regen only starts acting when you are below 50 % health, and I think this is wonderful. Keeps the pressure up in the early and midgame while still being useful. the frequency of heals has also been turned down. Recruit and Veteran don’t feel safe on her anymore and THAT IS GOOD, at least in my opinion.

So yeah, I like this change. What do you think? Is she useless now that she cannot instaregen all the time? Does this affect champion to a significant degree?

I see now that this change has brought some unwarranted problems that I don’t like as well. Some of the talents that involve regen are broken now, like ammo regen or team heal. That needs to go. 50% regen cap also gets deleted if you take 2 grims, which is… bad… I think? Not sure. Still, the core concept is better.

If you need an endless supply of health regen to get through champion, maybe you should get better. This is a skill and weapon based game like VERMINTIDE 1, not a Diablo-like.


I haven’t gotten the game yet, but i love that idea.

I have heard that they have nerfed the ammo too.

Before the nerf, there were elves in champion with my group who never even needed to pull out their melee weapons for longer than 20 seconds.

So you want the ranged classes to be mainly melee?

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Haven’t tested the ammo really much, don’t know about that.

She brings not very much to champion now. Before u could minimize health potion usage, now u will always need one too. It also breaks the team heal and the ammunition regen passive, since it stops @50% own hp while other teammates may still not @50% hp. Same with ammo regen, stops even when still not capped at ammo. The ammunition nerf on the 25 talent was totally fine, the regen was never op to begin with and only got nerfed cause of recruit/veteran only players.

But since pretty much everyone got nerfed she may still has a place in a team, time will tell.


ive never really understood why people cared about regen so much . just did a champ run as kerellian and never actually noticed it had changed.


From what I’ve heard about usefulness: No. Regen was never that big of a deal there, I have heard atleast 50 people tell me “regen falls of at higher difficulties”.

And even then, you can still reduce health potion usage with it. It hasn’t vanished, just means that the hit in the first 30 seconds from the clanrat in the back is: “Oh damn” and not “Just a scratch, will heal in 15 more seconds”

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If the ammo regen was on a different timer than the healing timer, then yes, the nerf would be welcome, but since it is not, it is a HUGE nerf which I believe will in the long run handicap everyone with an elf in the group now, while before, she was a rather nice addition to the TEAM play. People moaned about it as if it was a pvp versus game. I don’t know why Fatshark listened to people who didn’t play higher difficulties but oh well


It’s a no brainer that ammo regen should be different. Would be pretty bad if they don’t fix that. I think while healing should be a pressure resource on every class, ammo shouldn’t be the same. :confused:

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This. It’s absolutely useless now on higher difficulties now. The two main reasons are:

  • If you collect grims/tomes, then your life at 50% with grims is so low everything one-shots you and it’s a useless passive.

  • Even without books, the change in regeneration greatly hinders the level 15 talents and their usefulness.

People were so eager to try and ruin a character out of prejudicial spite without any consideration for the consequences of their actions, that you get results like this.
The life regen could be kept to a similar state by maintaining the regeneration quality of before while below 50%, then while above 50% you heal at a reduced rate(maybe 30% less, as an example). People wanted dramatic changes for a game they haven’t even played for a week and haven’t tried on the highest difficulties in various circumstances. Before substantial changes are done, extensive testing should be performed. When enough time passes, things may not always be as they seem and ignoring it or another course of action may have been the proper choice.


I hate all the nerf they did for every class, at least they all had something special, now they are all the same, this is just sad


Nothing is still as sad as the Handmaiden, followed by the Unchained.


The shade isn’t quite glorious either, unless the passive and talent changes made her quite better

man it really sucks when people that are bad at the game’s voice effects balance. RIP


Umm, I’m like total noob, but I just did few games on Recruit and Keri feels weaker even at that difficulty. I can only imagine the weakness is getting exponential on higher difficulties.

Didn’t even notice changes @champion.

Nerf mainly to please recruit level ragers.

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Pretty sure some of the nerfs were done to basically force people to use other things as the old things are not as good and they chase after the new “OP”. And then after the dust settles and people have learned how to play a bit they will buff a few things back up again.

It’s basically impossible to make people stop spreading the same regurgitated and often outdated information otherwise.

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sounds like they went to town on everything with the nerf bat… at this point I’m not gonna hold my breath for anything to be buffed… just more nerfs… after all, “nerf everything!” was basically the battle cry of a lot of very loud people through the beta. It saddens me that that’s what it came down to. some of the changes (like damage stacking) were good things… but a lot of what i’m hearing about what they did with the classes, especially some… I’m disappointed to say the least. The game felt like it was in a pretty good place through the open beta, other than some things that needed work like the damage stacking that was causing kruber to melt bosses so fast… but people are making it sounds like they nerfed the crap out of everything and watered everything down to just feel… meh… the excitement i had at work to get home and fire the game up has left me. I hope if i fire it up I’m proven wrong… but at the moment… sigh

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Despite the plentiful nerfs and handful of buffs I haven’t really felt anything significantly changed. But then again I was never using the broken things and crutches. One constant that never changes in any game is that broken things will be nerfed, and as Fatshark said anyone who thought they wouldn’t be is insane.

Now I know some undertuned, or at least classes that feel undertuned, also recieved nerfs too. Almost exclusively from global changes that just happened to affect them. But usually such global changes like those global nerfs and the damage calculation refactoring are done for long term reasons that they will then follow up with future patches.

So I’m not going to cry that broken Huntsman ulti got nerfed, I’m going to test the ammo changes, and I’m going to continue providing feedback on things I feel are undertuned like elf ammo regen since it’s tied to her passive that only heals her under 50% hp. But to do this I still need alot of testing as of yet.

So far though, still satisfying as always and my mates are still enjoying their stuff too. Even the ones that used the broken stuff, because they also knew it’d be nerfed lol.

There’s a difference between “nerf” and “smash into floor”, but I’ve explained you this in another thread.

Tell me, why would one pick Huntsman Kruber over any other class of his? You can snipe specials with a sniper as merc/foot knight as well, so don’t bring “sniping” in here.

When your ability does less than your own weapon, why would you bother using it besides a quick “Oh, this guy need to take a bit of extra damage, better press F and continue”.

Aren’t abilities supposed to be these, great, powerful, impactful things you press to shift the tide of battle? Because now they feel like you just press them because you felt like it (In Huntsman and BH’s case), not because they were necessary.