Suggestion for a balance between the beta and live life regen and to fix her lvl 15 talents being "useless"

The new regen starts only after 50% and this makes some talents essential “useless” if you healthy.

And people found it “OP” with how strong it was.

How about the regen amount is based on the amount of total health missing?

That way we can compromise that her talent at level 15 still works but she is not so strong like in the early beta. We also avoid the weird idea of " hurt yourself to get arrows"

Still weaker on the higher level but with how strong her focus skill is, I find it acceptable. A lot of passives are weak in some areas, just like witch hunter is useless passive vs non-tagable enemies.

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Good idea! This was proposed by several people and should be a fair trade off. Though I found the regen not so strong on higher difficulties.

It has probably been suggested before since it is pretty common for regen heroes in video games. I just don’t like the 50% threshold.

I am fine with it being weaker passive on higher difficulties, her focus skill is still pretty damn strong and many other heroes have a very situational passive too. She also has a quite generous arsenal of weapon especially in ranged department in my opinion.

better idea to actually synergize with her level 15 talents and teach good gameplay habbits… revert what they did to her regen, fine tune the potency and frequency, and make her level 15 talents only function if she’s at 100%. right now it encourages her to try and take regular damage to stay between 31% and 49% hp IIRC…so on champion etc with books it turns into “shoot me so i can heal you.” they turned her into a masochist and it’s stupid. a lot of what they did to multiple heroes is just facepalm worthy… mostly because too many people crying for “nerf this and nerf that because my scoreboard numbers aren’t as high so they must be OP” instead of bringing some other heroes up to similar feeling of strength for what they bring to the table and adjusting pack density/damage etc instead. the damage adjustments they did was one change that was needed and welcome… the release patch wasn’t all bad… but it was mostly bad…

edit: slight correction, 2 of the level 15 talents if she’s at max hp… one of them maybe be reworked to something else that would benefit her or team at max hp instead of stronger regen… either way… they dropped the ball on this one… and then the ball rolled into traffic and got run over by a truck.

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Yes, she has a lot of weapons and possible playstyles.

Just played hangbane bow with her and had to go below 50% health to recover my arrows, which was annoying. Also to mention I’m not level 25 to get the ammo retrieve skill. Kinda hard on champion to stay below 50% to have that ammo regen going :smiley: Felt somehow wrong.

@Keykoh: Yeah I also think they nerfed to much, because people complained. Honestly the classes should be spezialized or somewhat in between. If I have a ranged kiting class, sure I want the regen and enough ammo there. On the other hand waystalker deals poor damage to amored minions or bosses compared ot other classes. Also the AOE is not that amazing compared to some classes. With hangbane you have a chance, but then there is friendly fire.

in champion + hagbane is a huge risk as soon as the pack gets in melee… on top of the fact hagbane got nerfed into the ground between the closed beta and now. a lot of silent nerfs happened to waystalker that people didn’t bother to notice so they just kept screaming to nerf her more and more.

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