Kerillian Isha’s Embrace (+%50 passive Regen) buff/rework

I asked on reddit about a change on Isha’s Embrace. Seen like the majoroty of them approved it (66,6%+), specially when I suggested that when this talent is active, the 50% max health cap is ignored.
I wanted to know you’all opnion about it, and if possible contact the dev team. I think a change in this talent is really easy to balance and program.

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That’s how the talent worked on launch and it was OP (especially with NB) to say the least so it was essentially nerfed.

Which is why it was capped at 50% in the first place.

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Amaranthe was maybe a bit overtunned for low difficulties which were heavily populated when the game was fresh, but in the environment of today’s Legend or Cataclysm it is a minor convenience at best. Right now it really doesn’t do much on its own anymore, especially if grimoires are being carried. Meanwhile, the Grail Knight gets a fairly frequent team-wide buff that is extremely powerful. I think it would be cool if for the passive-ability related talents we had a choice between the elf healing herself to full, healing the whole party up to 50% of their base health (ignoring the grimoire penalty), or the added CDR on TF.


That’d be good, because it certainly needs something more.

As Throne of Rats said, it seemed OP on lower difficulties back in the day but when you got to Legend it wasn’t at all. That’s how abilities like that are going to be though.


Plus almost everything these days has been powercreeped like heck so everything´s overpowered in lower difficulties. You can have a pickaxe slayer with the “bonus damage during jump” basically oneshot a spawn with a str pot and a crit…

And that´s not even mentioning stuff that demonlishes bosses on cata like BH/grail knight.

It takes 27 ticks to heal Waystalker (with 20% health colar proprety) from 0 to full heath while using Isha’s Embrance. In other words, it takes 270 seconds/4,5 minutes. It dosen’t sound powerful at legend or cata, and even less powerful when you consider a competitive scenario like weaves or deathwish+onslaught mod.

Now take in count it only goes to 50% of max heal, and then you have a talent that does less than half of a Natural bound. How many talents are that mathematically weak compared to traits?


She doesn’t really have any other survivability Talents/Passives, though. Most people use the AoE regen.

On Cata and Cata+ she can be way too squishy in close quarters.

Also we’ll most likely see changes to WS if there’s ever another BBB. Nothing was done to her in the last one, despite having 1-2 pointless Talents.

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what if instead of increasing the regen by 50% only it just increased healing by 50%?

you’d still only get green half-way but your temp gen would be much higher


It´s probably a bad idea, would make her work like some monster in melee that freely trades hits without a care using her good weapons while constantly generating temp health and surviving fights that she really should not.

Being able to regen to full just makes her resistant to chip damage but still vulnerable to burst which is and likely always will be what usually kills her, at least in my experience.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Enter a match as longbowstalker
  2. Enter an area and kill nearby enemies, double check that everything is dead.
  3. Take aim at enemies futher away.
  4. Drop to the ground because a few slaverats appeared from nowhere without any sound and then die in the next 1-2 seconds if help doesnt instantly arrive.
  5. Go hug the local engineer and go together to drown in your tears while 2 of the following options ( GK/zealot/Unchained or BW) proceed to essentially duo ace the map while you and the dwarf respawn near the end.

But… you’re forgetting natural bond and now the GK health regen passive. It would be even more OP than it ever was before.

Idk what you guys are on about, it was used heavily on Legend and was incredibly overused and overpowered.

I would be okay with this.

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