Have Waystalker Regen be for top half of health

The way it is now makes no sense to me. Elves are supposed to be the thoroughbred racehorses of the humanoid races, right? Slender, fast, agile, and so on?

Surely it makes more sense for WS regen to reflect the idea that this is a character who functions better when everything is already good. Look at Martial Prowess mechanic in TWH2 for the High Elves.

It works better from a gameplay standpoint as having 50% health is not really useful at higher levels as it is still often not enough to survive 1 hit.

It even works better with Kerilian’s character as she is selfish and given to complaining. Having her be more demanding of health potions in order to get her to a comfortable place gels perfectly.

I simply do not see the logic in keeping it as it is now. Can anyone enlighten me, or shall we just petition FS for the change?

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I am a main Kerillian WS player (cue the hate parade) because I just dislike seeing elves played so terribly by so many other people. Honestly, there is no lack of horrendously bad Kerillian players.

I believe the health regen system works pretty well below 50%. The class already has some distinct advantages. Running curse resistance at 33% is an absolute necessity though. I think its only very hard hitters that put her at risk. I am not sure exactly how the mechanic you describe works. So when shes low health below 50%, you are suggesting she does not regen at all? Only above 50%? This sounds like a change for the worse, to be honest. Below 50% health with accumulated temp health really saved my skin from random light poke dmg failure. Theres lots of types of light hits she can survive on Legend. Its the really big mistakes and whacks from Elite enemies that really hurt most people

Yeah those are some good points, especially regarding temp health which I can sort of slot into my lore-centric view of the racial characteristics. Thank you for the input.

Originally the regen wasnt capped at 50% of her health. It was by far the strongest passive due to that. So FS nerfed it at one point and everyone was happy afterwards. Its still good but not ridiculous anymore.

i like my regen to 50% hp crutch =P
when you’re running 2 grims, it means it works on almost your remaining full hp bar, which is awesome. and running 33% curse resist means that you can still take a poke or two, but not any of the overhead attacks from elites.

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I personally think it should go to 75% as a single back stab from a lone slave rat can kill you on legend when at 50%hp. Not the less, it synchronizes pretty well with the Natural bond as well.

Except it would be absolutely terrible for legend.

A single slaverat can sometimes take down 30-50% HP in a single hit, the consumption of meds would be insane if you are trying to always stay healthy when using a more risky weapon like glaive or daggers or even the 1 handed sword.

Having the lower 50% regen is great because even if you take a bad hit and subsequently go off into a killing spree maxing out your temp health or just play it safer you´ll still regain normal health under the “cover” of that temp health.

It creates a situation where you can go like “oh damn i got hit, better play it a bit safer” and then you do as i wrote with stacking temp health before rejoining the fray in earnest again.

I mean, a troll puking on you or a flame ogre hitting you once is already like 60%+ max health gone and done.

The issue with your idea is that it only works on lower difficulties where enemies dont hit so hard.


Yeah that’s also a good point. I have learned a few things from this!

It used to be from Max, but we got about 200 hate posts on it a day because it was “too easy” on lower difficulties when stuff hardly chunks you. A fair point certainly, elf appeals a lot to new players because of her low skill floor, however much of what makes her strong on lower difficulties is trivialized on Legend, and other aspects of her careers stand out. I think returning her HP regen to start ticking at 99% would be fine on Legend but may make her too appealing to play on lower difficulties.

Not me. I was very disappointed when they nerfed it. It’s also the reason I run exclusively NB on her, so I can still have regen to 100%.

But as a compromise, I’d settle for the 50% threshold ignoring the max HP reduction from grims, but stop only at the threshold of the non-grim-max-hp.

But I’d rather have it apply to the bottom than the top half only anyway.

u wut m8!!! Fite me 1 v 1

My 2 games tonight for the weekly lol. Once you put around 600 hours solely into her, you can kind of carry hard. But then again, I guess that goes for any class. None the less, don’t you be shït talking my baby girl.

Yeah those mean nothing to me, also doesn’t dispute anything that I said. Low skill floor. I never said elf was bad, I said she is easy to pick up, and stuff like having a sub 50% hp health regen appeals to new players even though its near useless on legend.


Huntsman is better cough


meh, in all seriousness. I enjoy the Huntsman as well, tried out the Handgun build, it’s pretty damn good. I rather like the bow, and the class takes a bit more skill to use. But it pays off when you master it.

i was not happy too and i wrote that. If the full reg would to over powered than maybe you could do a less effective life reg after 50 % of life. I think it was 3 health per 10 sec or something like that. So they could do this for example:
If you are under 50% than 3 health per 10 sec and if you have more than 50% than its only 1 life per 10 sec.

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