Can u make all low hp talent stay ON with temp hp?

and when we have 2 grims why i still need half of 2 grims hp for a talent to work. make them all 1 HP to active(sarcasm) i dont get it!
1st elf WS
Daughter of the Hunt While above 45% health, Kerillian’s critical hits gain 30% additional power boost.
2nd kruber MERC
Desperate Defiance Reduces damage taken by 35% when below 50% health.
3rd sienna PYRO
Quickening Increases spell charge speed by 25% while below 50% health.
4th salz ZEALOT
Suppress Pain Reduces damage taken by 35% while below 50% health.(not sure for this because i never tay it. flagellant is the way to go)

if i have 44% green hp on elf and 66% white temp hp that talent should be on right?
same goes for 50% green 50% white.
why this talents turn OFF on white temp hp?
what im asking is make all this talents same as zealot passive Fiery Faith


I’m pretty sure the elf does get her crit bonus when she’s topped up with temp HP. It’s been so long since I used it cause 50% more damage on headshots is the way to go. But perhaps I just thought it was temp HP because she heals up so fast with her regen + NB.

Temp HP does affect Kerillian’s critical power talent; I was running it just the other day. If you have 1% Green-HP left and 44% Temp-HP, Daughter of the Hunt will be on.

I also believe the remaining three talents you mentioned turn off if you have enough Temp-HP to hit those thresholds. I don’t know for sure, so please correct me if I am wrong.

The others should, IMHO, stay off (including the passive buffs for Zealot) based on Temp-HP. If you have above 50% HP while including your Temp-HP you should not get the damage reduction while at 100% HP; that’s just downright ridiculously powerful. Temp-HP is already winning matches; making all the skills operate like Zealot’s passive currently does would be an unnecessary buff to most characters.


As easy as it this to top up temp hp I do not support this idea at all. I’m not a fan of fiery faith eiter.

On the grim reduction: Depends on the talent but to generally make talents apply to the original health instead of the reduced one wouldn’t be wrong.


I am in general not a fan of those “if low health then x” talents, because they are soooooo unreliable and not that remarkable at what they do. But as long es they exist, they might as well ignore temp health, since it would give them some purpose, because at least in theory, it would give an active choice: true health or bonus.


ye ofc and when u hit 46% temp-hp the talent is gone thats the problem
i want this talent to be active always if im 1% green hp and 99% temp hp {always on}
i want temp hp to be neutral-ignore for all this talents like i say same as fiery faith talent

nice i think the same

Forgive me and allow me to clarify what I said earlier:

Daughter of the Hunt will be on if your total HP (your Green-HP percentage combined with your Temp-HP percentage) equals or exceeds 45% of your current maximum HP. That is a fact 100% of the time; I will post screenshots this evening if you would like me to.

I also understand what you want. What I mentioned earlier was that it would be very, very powerful. Fiery Faith is, possibly, the best passive in the game and makes playing Zealot… silly. To apply it universally would make all of those talents the highest-capability talents in the game (with the exception of Quickening) and would likely cause a very intense imbalance due to who can take them.

As a side note: if Daughter of the Hunt ignored Temp-HP and relied solely on Green-HP, as you mentioned, it shouldn’t be on when you have less than 45% of your maximum health in Green-HP.


Whichever way these Talents work, for both Temp Health and Grimoire curse, I find the result questionable.

Letting THP affect them, like things seem to be now, makes them unreliable, but usable (and maybe even useful, depending on the particular Talent) fallback abilities. Similarly, letting Curse affect them can make them very hard to activate, with hits being either weak enough to ignore and immediately recover with THP or strong enough to down you straight away (or at least put you into immediate danger for a while, mitigating any advantage the Talents may give).

On the other hand, tying them to actual Health would likely make them highly abusable. Merc staying under 50% (real) Health and filling up with THP like a Zealot? No problem at all, with his Career Skill and huge cleave. Pyromancer going around with Grims and no or limited Curse Resistance? Nice, effectively permanent spell charge speed bonus. So if this were to be the case, they would need other methods to balance the abilities (and would partially negate the whole point of the health limitation to begin with). Also, as Waystalker’s Daughter of the hunt relies on being above a health threshold, it would become nearly or completely impossible to keep active at certain situations.

So I don’t think either version (for Curse or THP) is good for all Talents and abilities. They maybe could use a case-by-case check, but that would also reduce the internal consistency of the abilities. I find it somewhat acceptable that the Zealot’s ability works differently from the rest as it’s his primary Passive, not a Talent (though I find it somewhat too strong), but I do think that the Talents should have a consistency to them.


I’m gonna vote that yes, they should be ON even when THP goes over their threshold, otherwise they are basically useless. However I will add that THP in general is overpowered and should decay a lot faster, it’s called temporary for a reason, yet almost every character can run around with full bars of it for an entire map.


I think on the “squishies”, this wouldn’t be that much of an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see the majority of those talents go (I don’t have that much of an issue with “stay above health x to get bonus y”), but if you run Pyro without curse resistance, you are super squishy and I don’t see why you shouldn’t have that bonus up all the time then. I mean, spell charge speed isn’t nearly as powerful as Merc’s damage reduction, it only applies to one single attack mode of your ranged weapon (one of the reasons why I think BW is in such a poor state. Faster spell charging is nice to have, but it is just that: nice to have. Not even close on the same level as other passive abilities).

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