Health vs Temp-Health and Talent Interaction

Talents that give health, not including the level 20 talents, should give green health. It would add to the survivability of the melee dps characters that are struggling to stay competitive ie merc Kruger and WHC Staltspire .

Also, Kruger’s Desperate Defiance talent is turned off if white health pushes you above 50% which is silly. Often when this talent is active I go into the fight and get white health, pushing me over 50%, then get hit for the full damage of an attach which feels like I’m being punished for my bravery.

Any talent that says something like “effect x unter HP y” should ignore temp health.

That would make the talent far too strong, especially when paired with the talent that adds 25% DR to paced strikes giving you a whooping 60% DR as long as half your health is green. Right now I’m running +10% crit and a possible +40% atk speed with halberd on my Merc Kruber with that 60% DR potential from talents and it doesn’t feel too bad. The only disadvantages I find for it against FK is the lack of auras, stamina, and utility from Valiant Charge

I disagree. The disadvantages mentioned are why the talent wouldn’t be “too strong”. At higher difficulties, where survivability is most important, I’m incentivsed to give up both damage potential and buffing my team. Both of which appear to be the things the carries is designed to do.

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