Level 20 talents could use a rework IMO

I think they need a rework. Of the three only one is worth taking(gain temporary health on kill).

Now the maximum crit chance for any career is 15%(5 from weapon,5 from trinket and 5 from talent if the career has a 5% crit talent) Thus it’s extremely unreliable and the only advantage over temp hp on kill is theoretically during boss fights, but then again you own’t gain substantial temp hp wildly flailing at a boss and even if you do then one hit will negate it all. Health gain on boss death is even worse, because it might happen that no boss spawns, plus, even if it healed to full(I don’t know how much it heals,feels useless to me so I never used it) then it would still less than the amount of temp hp you can gain during a single horde attack.

It would be awesome if every career got temp hp on crit and hp on boss death replaced with something unique.


Your theoretical max crit is way off. There’s more sources of crit than that. Take mercenary for example: 5% base crit, +5% from passive, +5% from talent, +5% from each weapon and a trinket (they are global stats, not weapon specific), there’s 30% crit right there, and that’s still not including any temporary buffs like witch hunter captain’s career ability.

I still agree level 20 talents could use a rework, though.

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Like Bunnu said, there are actually many sources of crit that are hidden, like elf dual wield weapons having extra base crit.

But more importantly, the amount of health you get on crit is more substantial to make up for it being less reliable. Personally I still go with health on kill simply because it is less random, and I agree the talents could use some tweaking. The health you get on boss kill, btw, is a huge amount of permanent health. I use this talent on only 2 classes: Waystalker, because you have regen up to 50% anyway, and Ironbreaker, because I take so little damage anyway i don’t need an overshield.

REALLY? Where did you hear this? If this is true then I am actually really excited.

Edit: I just checked my Slayer Bardin, figuring he was the easiest way to check. My twin axes do not get the extra 2 stamina from my two-handed hammer. They also aren’t affected by +% damage to skaven, which is a stat that does affect the dummies. I do not believe your information was accurate, the buffs are weapon specific.

It was something I heard in another balance discussion thread, it’s possible it’s wrong, or that slayer has some exception to prevent being the only one able to stack melee-only traits. In that case my example is 25% crit.

The original argument is still valid. Careers that don’t have extra critical sources, and even those that do, will usually benefit more from one of the talents. There’s no reason to have an extra choice if it’s usually a bad choice.

Weapon bonuses are weapon specific you gain nothing from your ranged with melee equipped.

Healing on boss kill is great I use it, because I dont crit and I dont get kills with my friends doing all the work, and on legendary every heal you dont waste is good.

But I am using it because it is the least useless of the 3. Maybe if you could get temporary overheal, or if you could get healed/temporary health on killing CW/SV too. :thinking:

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Yeah I agree the talents could use some tweaking, was just pointing that out.

You do get 2temporary hp per kill including horde chaff, on ironbreaker it is usually enough to completely nullify dmg taken.

Weapon stats aren’t global. They’re weapons specific.

I didn’t know there was a base 5% crit chance. When I was testing it out on dummies with a character that had no crit stats I never dealt critical hits. But maybe there are some other hidden crit sources,like the dual daggers(didn’t know about it either). Still, even on characters with 20 % crit, it’s still random and having 20% crit is hard to do on most careers, whilst the health gain on boss death, despite it being a substantial amount still depends on having a boss fight and some actual health missing. If you either get no boss or don’t get damaged during a boss fight then it’s useless. It’s a bit like with Handmaidens talent that converts temp hp to normal hp on boss death - she can’t get high crit no matter what,so you own’t build that temp hp on a boss,and even if you get a horde during the boss fight then the chance for you to have a lot of temp hp during such a hairy situation is slim.

Temp hp on kill is most reliable on most careers and in most cases. The other two, since there have been some examples here - are purely situational and not very reliable.