LVL 20 Talent rework suggestion

  1. temp hp on crits (buff this slightly)
  2. temp hp on MELEE kills
  3. Bosses drop loot (like a sack rat, drop rates can be adjusted to balance this).

This changes would make the lvl 20 choice more interesting and nerf the ranged meta.

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Even buffed, temp health on crits is just too unreliable to be useful an any but the most dedicated builds. Changing it to headshots might work, but I’m not convinced of that either.

Letting only melee kills build temp health would cripple one purpose of it: a buffer against stray hits. You are almost as likely to eat those in the beginning of a horde, as in the middle, and this would force melee characters to start their fighting way more carefully, especially after a lull when your previous buffer has drained away. Meanwhile the ranged characters would be still out of danger altogether, rarely even needing temp health. It would’t significantly reduce ranged’s effectiveness, and just force melee to more careful play, thus letting ranged show off even more.

Changing the last one to (random) loot after boss death wouldn’t still be enough to justify taking it over the others. Besides, it would need to scale with how many people had it chosen, otherwise the only wise thing would be to only one player in the group take it. That would mean that in public groups, very, very few people would run it as personal survival is preferable, and you cannot know beforehand what others have chosen. And it would still be effective too rarely to be useful.

Personally, especially if FS is committed to keeping Talent tiers themed, would love to see career-specific methods for generating temp health as the third option. For example, each dodge for HM, backstab for Shade, hit blocked for IB, enemy knocked over for FK… Hard to balance, true, and requires imagination and likely some quite hard coding to do, but one can hope.

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This logic makes no sense. The main way most classes gain temp health is through melee. Most non range oriented melee classes don’t run horde clearing ranged weapons and even if they do, they don’t have enough ammo to do it constantly.

What’s more, many ranged characters are able to very reliably full heal off hordes because of their effective infinite ammo. I’ve seen Siennas go from death’s door to full hp in the course of a single horde.

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There is no ranged meta. This is also a fantastic example of a suggestion where people haven’t thought about the repercussions in the slightest.

Let’s just take Sienna as one example of how messed up this would be. Several of her staffs cannot be built to proc lots of crits just based on how they function, so health on crit would be beyond useless.

That means you now want Sienna to charge into a horde with her truly, truly abysmal melee weapons to regen her health.

More generally. Two melee frontliners are trashing through a horde. A BH/HS/RV whatever are standing behind, watching flanks and sniping pesky specials and elites. They then realize they need a bit of temp HP, so the only recourse is to abandon all special sniping and flank security to rush into the horde to get some HP.



Grudge-Raker, Crossbow and Drakefires on Bardin. Any of Kerillian’s bows. Repeater and Blunderbuss on Kruber. Either Crossbow and Repeater Pistol on Victor. All of these weapons are quite capable of, and can afford to, fire a shot or two into crowds before closing up, solely to build up temp health (with a nice side effect of thinning out the horde). Even more so when equipped with a suitable ammo regen Trait. Very useful when low on permanent health, and allows them to start effectively meleeing a few seconds sooner, too because you don’t have to worry about every little hit.

This, too. Same with other ranged-heavy careers excepting BH and maybe HS.

Evil ranged meta pls nerf.

The “temp health on boss kill” is silly and needs to go. Even if it was like Unchained’s “get full health and remove wounds on boss kill”, it be hardly worth it. Temp health on crit does work better than on kill on some very specific crit heavy builds on Sienna and I have seen it work on Slayer, Zealot and even Shade. Temp health on crit could work if it got buffed a little, but in reality, I’d like to see it go too and replace it with something else. I mean, in theory, it could be better against bosses and larger single targets since you don’t need to kill, but it gives so little temp hp that it’s gone again in a second.

No need deleting recover health after boss fight. Very useful in deeds without pickups. Since crit health only works with Sienna beam staff should be reworked probably.

I don’t really think this talent system is fun or interesting. I have an example from another game, blizzards moba called Heroes of the Storm. They were suffering a lot from duplicated talents and balancing them (one are God tier and good synergy with hero playstyle, others just not worth picking in any situation no matter what), but they constantly reworking them trying to make each talent unique for character. As I see it for whv2, there should be no more then 3 generic talents per hero. Like IB can have HP, health on kill and ulti cdr. But that’s all. They can give him something interesting like giving temp HP on interrupted attack via shield charged attack. Or knocking/stunning enemies cause them to take additional dmg for example 20% for 4 seconds. Make pistols and flamethrower talent not just this boring “overheat”, but smth like hitting 3 or more enemies with one shot results smth good for you or bad for them (increased burn damage). Haha call it “Don’t stay under the spray”

Не стой под струей xD

You have a point. Albeit I feel like it would still be a huge nerf to range classes while only a minor loss for melee classes. The end result would be that melee would be comparatively buffed even if everyone is technically getting nerfed.

To be honest temp hp on kill is probably just too good right now. I don’t see a reasonable way to buff the other two talents to be anywhere near as powerful without being blatantly abusable by certain careers. However, if you nerf it then legend potentially becomes very unreasonable. The talent is really just that good.

So it is usefull because it helps in ONE kind of deed? Wow.

Please read all post. Yet this talent is stupid, it still useful somehow on more then one character. While no any hero I believe besides pyro beam sienna will pick crit HP talent.

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