A few suggestions... mostly on dwarf

How about to…

  1. remove the third talent (healing yourself also heals allies) on 5 lvl? He is nearly useless or can be useful in very rare cases. We already have 3 versatile talents that restore the temp. health: staggering, damaging 5 enemies and melee killing blows. So why not give them to most classes?
    A talent of waystalker, shade, witch- and bounty-hunter, that restores temp. health for melee critical hits and headshots can be also given to huntsman and slayer, so that all these careers could have it in combination with the “damaging 5 enemies in one swing” and “melee killing blows”. It seems to me that those personages don`t very need the talent of staggering enemies. But I understand that the optimal combination of this 4 (5, considering this “third”) talents can be discussed.
    Or maybe it is time not for 3 but 4 talents for 5,10… etc levels?
  2. remove requirements such as “in both slots” for Slayer`s “Thousand Cuts” (10% attack speed) and “Skull Splitter” (15% power) talents on 10 lvl.
    I don’t think that by doing this, the slayer will become OP (at least not too much more than now), but it will allow you to diversify the gameplay, and not keep it in a very narrow framework, as it is now.
    In addition, when a player uses a 2nd weapon that is not suitable for talent, it (the weapon) will simply not receive bonuses of the 1st weapon, which, as for me, is quite fair.
  3. increase the duration of “Full Head of Steam” perk - make it if not 20, then at least 15 sec. Or increase duration of Pressures stacks with this perk.
  1. make Engineer`s challenge “Targeting Array” more…realistic.
    The current requirements of 20 hits, considering not the highest accuracy, are quite abnormal.
    Or increase the accuracy of the mastercrafted pistol to the level of a rifle, as long as you do not move, for example, for 3 seconds.
  2. give a Ranger some bonus not only to ranged, but also to melee weapons, while cloaked.
    This is quite a lore-friendly for Dwarfs.
  3. change some headgears: Boki Smedniri - please, make Bardins beautiful beard visible in this thing;
    The Golden Taurox - make it fitting for Ironbreaker career (I promise to buy it in this case :wink: ).
    Ironbreaker`s Zulunbakiaz Nairikkit - give it to Engineer, it was made for him from beginning.

p.s. And like the cherry on the cake - how about to give a Bow to Grail Knight? Like you give Throwing Axe to Slayer. His oath to abandon long-range weapons may be… corrected for negative attitude only to firearms.

and sorry for my english, it may be not very good )

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