Slayer lvl 10 talents

Skull splitter and A thousand cuts are both talents that shoehorns the player into specific weapon loadouts, on a class that is all about weapon diversity. Slayer wields two melee weapons, and I think diversity in what you want to bring should be encouraged as it is a core concept of this career.

I suggest that both talents should be able to work regardless of loadout, but should only apply when a two handed or one handed weapon respectively is currently in use.

So if I use Skull splitter and bring the two handed hammer and the dual hammers I would get the bonus power while swinging the two handed hammer, but not while using the dual ones.

While this could be interpreted as a buff, it is also true that we are willingly bringing a weapon that gains no advantages from the chosen talent. I see this as a way to increase diversity in weapon loadouts and builds without making Slayer too powerfull.


As a +900 bardin i actually love this idea, it draws from the core of what makes the slayer class stand out and makes a talent row that is currently working against the defining characteristics of the class a lot more streamlined and aligned with the career as a whole.


Agree there is no incentive to use those talents when your stuck using weapons you don’t want too… the buffs even seem backwards for 2h’s I could play much better with attack speed and 1hs going as fast as you want +ability speed would rather have damage. Regardless crit is the only talent that lets you play how you want, unless you were already going for sed weapon combos.

I d rather would see talent for “sharp” vs “blunt” vs “brute force”

For exqaple
10 crit for any combination of axes + pickaxe
10 as for any combination of hammers
10 power for any combination of twohanded

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IF you have 2handers that are about as fast as 1handers and 1handers that are about as strong as 2handers, then where is the diversity? I prefer the way the buffs are distributed now but also agree with OP that we need more freedom in weapon selection. I would go a step further and put skull-splitter and thousand cuts on the same talent without the homogeneous loadout requirement and then make new talents to replace the other two spots.


Agree with the post. I don’t think anyone likes that row as it is.

I’d just add change the 5% crit chance to every 5th hit is a crit (letting you spec more defensive with your properties if you want and still reaching an effective 20% crit chance) and combined with your suggestion now we have a row where every option is competitive.