Throwing axe is a 1 hander

I enjoy having the throwing axe on slayer. It performs pretty well in close quarters for special sniping but is too high a tax on slayer to use over double single or two handed weapons. I feel like it detracts from the slayer too much to equip it and on the other hand, I don’t feel like it would be OP to add it to either build (double one hander or double two hander). Obviously it only makes sense to add it to the single handed build.


Dual hammers and throwing axes. Just spam left click and enjoy.

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Yeah attack speed compliments them very well and I don’t see this making them suddenly OP. Kinda hoping that whole talent row gets a look next beta so this specific issue may become irrelevant depending on what happens there.

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To be honest I feel like the idea is to penalize a bit the slayer who brings a ranged weapon to a knife fight.
But that being said, as a slayer who formerly enjoyed bringing 1h and 2h weapons (dual axes and pickaxe) I’d still like to see that middle talent changed to some kind of buff for a mixed weapon choice.