QoL suggestion for throwing axes

Basically the idea is that if you press R to reload while holding your melee weapon, it will start to reload your throwing axes. This removes the need to switch to your axes first. I don’t think this would cause any control conflicts because players can only ever carry one ranged weapon.

It’s a nice QoL idea but I don’t see it doing much overall for the throwing axes on its own. I’d personally like to see it get a speed increase and have it count as a 1h weapon for the purpose of a thousand cuts.

Well, it is a weapon that you hold and use with one hand.

Or they could, y’know, rework that whole row since it’s just needlessly restrictive without being interesting. Kinda worried we’d somehow get something worse though.


Counting it for Thousand Cuts is a great idea. Currently taking throwing axes forces you to go with hack and slash for the 5% crit bonus because axes prevent either of the other talents from working. So one-handed throwing axes at least gives you two options, faster throws and more crits.

To rework that row maybe they could rephrase the first two talents as “two weapons of the same size” so they would work with both dual 1h (or 1h + axes) and dual 2h.

TBH I just wish there wasn’t this kind of arbitrary restriction on builds in the first place. Don’t see why you should be punished for mixing and matching fast and heavy weapons.

Yeah I suppose they could just drop the restriction entirely and make it a flat bonus. Combine both talents into one like “gain +5% attack speed for each 1h weapon carried (axes count for this) and/or +7.5% power for each 2h weapon”

That would combine two mutually exclusive talents into one universal talent that is functionally identical but less restrictive. You could then put something else into that now empty talent slot to give us more choices.

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