Are Bardin's Dual Axes slower after the update?

The Attack Speed is slower now ?

I haven’t noticed as much, no. You sure you’re not just used to using the talent that gives 15% attack speed if both of your weapons are 1handed melee weapons and are no longer using it?

What’s the name of the TAlent ?

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I believe it’s ‘A thousand cuts’. I think it’s the level 10 tier talent.

Be aware that the throwing axes do not count as 1 handed weapons, because they’re not a melee weapon, so if you have throwing axes equipped you won’t benefit from this talent. Nor from the two-handed version of the talent.


Works for Dual Axes ? Right ?

Yup! Dual weapons (like dual axes or dual hammers) DO count as 1-handed weapons. Just, again, throwing axes don’t.

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