Slayer level 10 talent, can you please listen to feedback and come with something for them?

Edit : slayer talent level 10 is still boring but at least throwing axes work with dial wielding weapons so I was just rambling for nothing.


throwing axes count as 1 handed weapon so you can take them together with “A Thousand Cuts”.


Actually they sorta stealth fixed that a bit ago. Throwing axes do work with Thousands Cuts now which is nice.

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Damn don’t I look stupid now.

Though who uses 1 handed weapon with slayer really ?
I mean … compared to 2 handed or 2 weapons …

Nobody is what I’m thinking writing that.
Do I still look stupid ? Probably. Are level 10 slayer talents still completely stupid too ? Most probably.

Almost every slayer (hell, dawi in general) I see is rocking dual hammers.

While I prefer two handers on slayer, dual hammers are one of his best weapon and works with the thousands cuts. So you can equip dual hammers for horde and axe/dual axes/throwing axes for armour for example.

If by this you mean dual weapons (hammers and axes) they still work with thousand cuts talent.


Not at all. The fix wasn’t even in the patch notes for whatever reason.

As pointed out by @Reorx dual wield weapons are pretty popular and work with thousands cuts. I personally prefer skull splitter build since Slayer is completely lacking power boosts otherwise, and I prefer to have some CC rather than straight AS with him.

Yeah it’s not an interesting row, as usual I like what balance mods like Class Balance have done with that row. They rolled Skull Splitter and Thousand Cuts into one talent, allowing more variety in that row, then provided a talent that gives extra damage against elites and bosses to let you better spec into that niche, and another one that increases cleave so you can also spec into crowd clearing.

Another thing I’ve seen done with hack and slash I rather like is to change it from +5% crit chance to every fifth hit is a guaranteed crit, can still crit randomly.

All vastly better options for that row.


Ooo, I like that. That makes for more possible builds.

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