Bardin Slayer - Throwing Axe Breaks 2 of 3 Skills on 2nd Tier

Okay, so I ran into a weapon that’s obviously 1-Handed but disables the “A Thousand Cuts” skill…I know it’s not 2-Handed because it also disables “Skull-Splitter” which increases power by 15% for 2-Handers. The weapon is the Throwing Axe…would it be possible to do one of the following things since currently using the Throwing Axe means you can only use “Hack and Slash” on this tier:
1: Make it a 1-Handed weapon.
2: Make it a 2-Handed weapon.
3: Make the talents only apply to 1-Handed or 2-Handed weapons when equipped but not disable completely just because both weapons aren’t 1 or 2-Handed. Basically have it so the bonuses do not apply to the Throwing Axe but still work for the other equipped weapons. This way we’re not limited to a single talent on that tier for wanting a little ranged capability…the current setup means almost no one picks the throwing axe unless they’re playing Ranger Veteran. Even if these talents only work on a mixed setup when using the Throwing Axe that would still at least make it usable, 5% crit is nothing compared to the other 2 skills.

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Your title is wrong, also this shouldn’t be in the bug section. The throwing axe doesn’t break anything, it just isn’t considered a one handed weapon.
Although, I do agree that the throwing axe should be considered a one handed weapon, or change the crit talent into something more interesting. Currently it feels like a punishment for not being able to choose the other talents.

At the same time, I often use the throwing axe while playing Slayer; it’s just so amazing that it’s worth using the 5% crit talent for.
Dual hammers and throwing axe is a combination I’ve found works really well. It’s not optimal, no, but it’s fun.

I would still like a more options and variability.

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Best (easiest) solution would be to just make the talents read “Apply 10% AS to one handed weapons.” and “2H weapons have 15% power bonus.”. Just leave out the requirement that you need to have 2 weapons of the same type. Still would be far from overpowered and you’d still have a meaningful choice.


Title is correct, it is a bug unless you think it’s a 1.5-Handed weapon? It has to be one or the other…if it was classified as 2-Handed and I didn’t like that then this wouldn’t belong here…the fact that it breaks both skills is clearly a bug. Since it’s a new weapon this DLC I assume they forgot to classify it as one or the other, therefore I’m posting it here. Also, using the 5% crit is a huge loss in damage no matter how you look at it and it shouldn’t be required to only use one of 3 skills on a tier to use a weapon. This simply cannot be intended, I feel like FatShark is smarter than that.

Also TmanDW: That was solution 3 in my list.

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It’s not a bug but something they did deliberately, despite no one wanting it. Back in the WoM beta, it did in fact count as a 1-hander and let you use the 1h talent. It has not been that way since WoM went live. This really falls under undocumented changes/features just like WHC’s Fervency talent removing crit% boost to allies.

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It doesn’t count as either because it’s a ranged weapon, not that the talent clearly states it only works for melee weapons, but that’s my understanding of the reasoning.

IMO change hack and slash to every 5th hit is a crit. Since that’s effectively 20% crit chance with no investment in crit properties it’d be more valuable and feel less like a punishment to have to choose it.

Honestly though the whole row should just be reworked. The suggestions already in this thread are good.

Edit: just realised my suggestion for hack and slash has the problem of essentially negating some weapon’s innate crit bonus like 1h axe light attacks. Eh probably just needs to be replaced entirely.

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Glad everyone is passionate here but everyone is guessing, waiting to hear from them, it’s likely an oversight, as you said nothing in the text says it has to be a melee weapon or the skill doesn’t work. The fact that in the beta they didn’t overlook this seems to make it more likely that they just forgot it.

I Think its fine like it is you need to get a little disadvantage in exchange when you go for the advantage of having a ranged weapon slayer is still a melee class and should have his talents optimised for this imo.
Edit: also i wouldnt consider 5% crit on a slayer as a disadvantage

I think FS has said before how throwing axes disabling those perks was intended. I don’t remember where though, but I’m almost certain it was a comment from Hedge.

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Once again, cool stories guys but I’m waiting for a response from FS. Also, 5% crit is less powerful on slayer than 5% attack speed so losing 10% to get 5% crit is a huge disadvantage. Same goes for the power bonus of 15%, it’s more than triple the damage increase of the 5% crit talent. Regardless, this is all completely off-topic since I could care less about all of that, I care about 2 of 3 talents on that tier simply not working when you pick a certain weapon which shouldn’t be the case. I’ll just swing by again when they respond.

Well, if TmanDW is remembering correctly then that’s your answer: It’s not broken but working as intended. Could always @Fatshark_Hedge to see if you’ll get a confirmation of your opinion or TmanDW’s memory, but if it was actually a bug you’d most certainly get an “Acknowledged” tag on your topic.

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If a talent affects melee weapons (in this case, one handed or dual one-handed weapon picks) then it wont affect ranged weapons, which the throwing axes are considered to be.


Thanks for clearing that up!

However, you’d have to admit: That’s never explained in the Talent descriptions, and it’s easy to see how people could get confused about it. I mean, a throwing axe is literally a weapon being held in one hand. It also wouldn’t exactly be unbalanced if a throwing axe would count for the perk as a one-handed weapon.

Now, I fully understand that you as a Community Manager are not the one making the calls about gameplay stuff like this. But it would be nice if you’d bring this issue to the attention of other Devs so they can look at our feedback here for the sake of gameplay balance and clarity. I think that was the real point OP wanted to make in the first place anyways.


Yes please, that’s exactly what I want. It says nothing about melee and since it apparently functioned differently in beta I’d like to know if they meant to make it disable both skills.

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