Throwing axes reloading system

Please consider changing Bardin’s throwing axes reloading system. I propose something like Saltz’s pistols, which you can press “reload” and the character reloads all 12 shots with just one click doing the animation antomatically and can be interrupted at any time to switch to the melee weapon.


It doesn’t make any sense to reload a magically Thor returning axe, it’s super powerful to boot disagree. You can always go pick them up no channel required for RV even throw at feet for when needed.

IMHO, the axes are way too powerful because of the reload feature. The pick up mechanism is fine, but using force to return them is too easy. IMHO, the time it takes to get the axes back in that way should be a lot longer. Or automatic, but really slow (3 min or more).

Bro what difficulty do you play? I’ve never heard anybody describe throwing axes as anything other than off meta fun. They are super duper far from optimal, so if you nerfed them in any way right now pretty certain they’d just drop off the face of the planet use rate wise.


Bolt staff is powerful and reloads automatically, Saltz’s pistols are powerful and reloads automatically, swiftbow is powerful and reloads automatically.

I agree with the timing and reload mechanics of the throwing axes, but i wish make it automatically like pistols or any other weapon in the game. It is about not having to press the “reaload” key constantly, it is boring and tiring for your fingers.


Bolt staff doesn’t reload, it has a unique heat system as axes have a unique recall system they aren’t reloading at all. You may as well make them a limited ammo and beef up the amount without any reload at all.

Making all the weapons the same with a “auto reload” is boring, uninventive and unintuitive for such weapons.

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Anyone who thinks Throwing Axes are weak hasn’t taken one to the back of the head at point blank range.



It’s about not holding down the reload key, and making it like Saltz’s pistols, you press reload once and the character makes the reload animation of all 12 shots. Timing and mechanics are the same, it’s about comfort, simplicity, and fun.


Cata as a rule. I’ve seen good dwarf players use them to slaughter CWs as fast as Shades.

So basically you don’t like the idea of holding the reload key and instead want it just pressing it once like a toggle. While sure it sounds interesting i’m kinda having hard time imagining how well it would work in say situation where you need to recall 1 axe fast but might be also getting attacked by multiple enemies so you might be having to cancel the animation multiple times.
Like the current system is perfect if you need to make split decisions in between reloads.

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I think it’s fine except for two things:

  1. We should be able to double-bind commands. I use a mouse thumb button as my alt weapon fire button and this is much easier to hold down to reload my axes versus pressing R on the keyboard and taking fingers off the WASD controls.

  2. The amount of movement speed lost when reloading is too much and doesn’t scale well to cata. You can easily get into situations where you run out of axes and can’t stop to reload because you will instantly die. I think this could be reduced a bit.

I insist, it should be the same as the reloading of Saltz’s pistols. As you say, a switch.

In an emergency, the animation can be canceled by switching to a melee weapon.


Fair. I just don’t thing being good at taking out armour at close to mid range is enough to call them good compared to other options. Handgun can basically do the same thing but while sniping across the map + way easier to head shot with. Slayer loses too many useful bonuses by picking them, so I don’t think I was inaccurate to say they’re not at all meta, so shouldn’t be tuned down.


Or more practically with left or right click, either of which should cancel the reload same as BoP.


Exactly, better impossible.

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Handgun is more difficult to aim to be that effective, IME.

Plus, there is a good synergy with the dwarven ranger’s Last resort.

Honestly if its just an option then i’m cool with it. I personally really like how it works currently.

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You have seen good dwarf player who can play anything great. 20% chaos and 10% armoured, Throwing axe to CW body deals around 20 damage, it means you should throw it 12 times to kill just one CW. 40 damage for headshots, increased to 48 with staggers, still needs 6 hits. If Bardin use ult, he can kill it quickly, but Ranger’s ult cooltime is 2x longer than shade’s

And Shade is not good at killing CWs without her ult. She should get behind of them or hit their head for killing it quickly. Slayer can kill CW with 5 hits, GK even kill it faster.

Throwing axes main difficulty is great at friendly fire, Bardin is shorter than other heroes, there it’s hard to see specials in hordes, and do some ranged work behind other heroes. Throwing axe is slow to throw, It makes FF really easy, and Not good at special, which is the most threat of this game normally. And Last Resort is not really good at any situation, Cataclysm there’s a lot of specials come out same time, only carry one bullet is not really smart thing to do.

Bardin player who is good at TAs does better with handguns, and crossbow. If you doubt this comment, please try TAs at Cataclysm, FOW, twitch, and Weave.


Handgun is hitscan (hits are instant and the projectile is not affected by gravity), while throwing axes are not (meaning you have to adjust your aim depending on the distance and elevation to the target). This makes throwing axes more difficult to aim for me.

This is one of the most frustrating things with throwing axes - the pitiful superarmor damage.

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To be fair, what makes them strong against CWs is less about their damage, and more about their stagger power, throwing one preferably at their head as you approach to get the reliable stagger then quickly switching to melee to burst them down. Both Slayer and RV can use mainstay to make this interaction even stronger, and staggering them often means a decent DPS bump for anyone else attacking them at the time. As you pointed out, RV can Ult to get a heap of damage out of them, and considering throwing axes work very well with Ult cooldown on reload, it’s not unreasonable that you’d have your Ult ready when you hit that pack of CWs you wanna deal with quick and safe.

I’d say this is the one place they do shine compared to other ranged options, though I still think I’d rather have a handgun in this situation if there’s decent distance between you and the CWs when you start firing. If they suddenly come round a corner in close quarters though, I’d say throwing axes are very strong to have in that situation.

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