Small Improvements - QoL to the new throwing axe

Small Improvements or QoL to the new throwing axe for bardins Ranger and Slayer career think should be implemented.

1. This one will be most noticable on PC, as on console when the expansion will come you will be playing with joysticks, and your fingers will be free to reload freely without hindering your movment at the same time.

But on keyboard that is a different story. The way it is right now, since about everyone is using keyboard on PC and the default movement is [W][A][S][D] and regular reload on [R] keybind. The problem with throwing axses if you want too keep full movement while getting you axses back “Thor style” flying back too you. Right now you have to hold in reload to get them back.

Possible Fix to this :

Suggestion would be to have the reload [R] be one click instead, then he keeps his hands up in the air while they are flying back into your hand and you can move freely and dodge enemies or whatever you want and cancel them with another click instead of having to handicap our movement.

Work as cancel on^^ : another click [R] button, or you switch to your primary weapon or you hit mouse button.

2. Pickup axe from terrain/enemies or similar. The Crosshair on your screen has to be almost perfectly on the thrown axe on the ground if not you will spam your button in frustration wondering why it isnt filling back your ammo. This is most noticable a problem during hordes since you dont have the time to stand there perfectly trying to point your crosshair and looking down on the ground loosing awerness around you at the same time, trying to pick them up.

Possible Fix :

  • Increase the area/window around the axe on the ground so crosshair doesnt have to be perfectly right on where it is.

Visual :

Noticed his still holding the new axe in hand even when used all 3 or 5 depending on career.
Should be no axe in his hand for the other team mates and third person to indicate his out of “ammo”.

Other then that they seem like a fun new additition to Bardins new arsenal.


This was suggested in the beta, I’m still hoping they’ll do it at some point. In the mean time I’ve set my reload key to a mouse button near my thumb (I really wish we could have 2 bindings per action instead of only one).

2 is also very true, if you’re on top of one you should be able to pick it up easily.


Dont doubt that was brought up, was in the beta but didnt get too much time to actually play it. Mostly played beta phase 1. Had too much stuff going on irl before summer vacation.

If you would compare it to real life the reload mechanic on the axe. Say someone is throwing a ball too you and you raise your hand up in the air to grab it, my feets would work perfectly fine even if did that. I wouldnt have any problem at all running to the “right” and “backwards” since thats where your being handicapped as it works now.
And since this is a game, feel like it actually handicap you more then in real life as it is now. Thats not a good thing…

Your solution works, but dont like having to go in to option every time to rebind it just for one spesific weapon.

Every first person game beside this game, if you have to reload something is always 99% one click on reload keybind, instead of forcing you to stand still mostly during the reload like in this game.

This same suggestion in first post could be applied too the drakegun and siennas reload also, even if feel its not needed as much on this weapons as the new one.

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  1. I agree, while it does not bother me personally at all, since I had already set my reload button elsewhere so I can vent and move freely.

  2. I agree again. It really should be improved.
    Another possible fix:

  • Have the axe pickup be automatic if you are close enough to them. Maybe with some sort of cooldown so you can’t just spam them at the face of boss and easily instantly pick them up.

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