Throwing axes reload

I would suggest making the throwing axes reload more akin to brace of pistols, where if you press reload once you start continuously reloading/retrieving axes, and that it would start doing so instantly, making away with the windup animation for recalling the axes. I think this would not only make them a ton more fun to use, but would also make them a lot more powerful, making them a more compelling alternative to other ranged options.


I’d say the weapon is good at where it is, i like to use it and do so often.
The weapon needs a drawback to some degree for the fact it doesn’t need ammo. Those are the windup for recalling and the lack in horde clear (compared to something like grudgeraker).
It is absurd on Slayer as atk speed, of which the Slayer is able to achieve the highest amount in game (on his own), affects the animation speed which allows for some extreme fast recalls and quickshots.
The only bummer is that Firing Fury on Ranger Vet doesn’t affect the throwing axes as it has 0s reload speed, reload speed time of 0s seconds can’t be reduced by 35%.
Waystalker has a 15% atk speed talent for ranged weapons, but this solution might be too much for Ranger Vet as his ranged weapons would be buffed pretty hard by 35% animation speed. The other talents in this row are not bad though, so it’s only a minor setback.
Also: the throwing axes have a nice synergy with Master of Improvisation as you can get your ult back up very quick, so there’s that.

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They’re fun to use but not especially competitive on cata. The biggest issue IMO is the movement penalty when reloading, you can dodge to inch forward a bit but it takes away so much of your mobility that you can’t reload during a fight.

I also think the heavy throw animation could be shortened a bit because it’s by far the most difficult ranged attack to land on a moving target and the delay between your click and throw causes a lot of team damage when they move in front of you.

I think if they tweaked those a bit it would be in a good place. The monster damage buff we got is neat but didn’t solve either issue for me.