Throwing Axes and you

Man those throwing axes are fun! I love them!
Have you ever thought or said this statement? No? Don’t you lie to me

I like the throwing axes. Everybody likes the throwing axes. They feel just right no matter where you take them and are potent tools for Slayer that he didn’t have access to before under the right circumstances.
So let’s talk about a small thing that’s near and dear to my heart

Killing something at range is hard as hell with these things
There’s a few reasons including the ones you’re thinking of. But it’s not any of those

  • Throwing axes have a relatively slow travel time
  • Throwing axes aimed fire has a windup
  • Throwing axes have a delay between button press and projectile travel
  • Throwing axes have ending lag after toss

Now a lot of ranged weapons suffer from some of these things. That’s balanced in my opinion. Therefore to increase the usability of throwing axes to a more comfortable spot, as follows.

Make throwing axes throw faster
By shortening the wind up, they become far easier to use despite the slower travel time. Of possible changes, I find this one to be the most preferrable

Small note
Q swapping after tossing an axe with these things is awful. Too many times have I valiantly leaped away, tossed an axe, and then took a hit because I’m still winding up an axe even though I’ve pressed Q and am expecting myself to be blocking.

That’s pretty much it. That tiny windup makes aiming far harder than it needs to be. Even if the default throw keeps the windup, the aimed throw should have a further reduction so that that axe goes to what you’re aiming at when you press that button.

Also increase the pick up window for thrown axes and reduce the delay between toss and recovery.


Long recovery animation for any weapon has always been the bane of existence, throwing axes could use way less of all that since it’s short range, and reload are balanced enough.

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There’s a few things they could do with it. If i was being really greedy what I’d like to see is the ability to block with it since it is kind of a melee weapon. Then I could block a hit step back and huck it into the face of the enemy that just attacked me. This is because my chief complaint is that I do use them a lot in the mid range and the “I wanted to block but hadn’t switched” happens more with those than literally any other ranged.

Faster throw and recovery I could take or leave, especially since on Ranger Vet there are a lot of situations where I don’t want to pick them up.

Good suggestion. Would also be nice, if reload procedure was one tap R until finished or canceled.

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I thought this topic was gonna be about how ridiculous the amount of friendly fire damage they do and when and when not to be using them. Guess I’ll just add the PSA instead

I don’t think anybody could use those things without realizing immediately that they’ll just end your allies life on impact crit with like 6 of them. But because of the delay from pressing to releasing, there’s that small frame for an ally to drift slightly to the right and get axed in half

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