Bardin Slayer - Dual Axes

My suggestion is to give to this weapon an ability to throw one of the axes with weapons special attack, like Victor Saltzpyres rapiers special attack. After throwing, it may be some cooldown for 5-10 sec, during which Bardin have to fight with only 1 axe. Or he can retake the axe from the enemys body killed by it, to nullify the cooldown.


The whole point of Slayer Bardin is he has no ranged… (other than the dwarf like projectile his known to use)


If throwing axes were to be introduced to the game, I feel this would be the best way to do it. I’m skeptical as to whether they will appear in any form, but one can always hope.

Yes, Slayer’s schtick is “only melee, no ranged” here, but for a few situations a limited ranged option would be quite good, I think. Just scale the range and other properties so that the primary purpose is to stun the opponent to get more time for approach (either with Leap or just running) instead of doing actual damage from range. It would also help the occasional feeling of boredom and/or helplessness as a Stormfiend or certain Specials are visible but out of reach. Besides, I strongly hope for more uses for the Weapon Special button. One weapon and one career is too little to learn to ever use it well.

Just as a counterpoint and to enhance the conversation, putting Throwing Axes as a separate weapon would be more troublesome. To be used on the Slayer, they would either be need to be classified as Melee weapons (very likely excluding them from any other Career) or require some (I suspect) fairly complex code trickery to allow a single Ranged weapon to go into a Melee weapon slot on a single Career. They would also have to be balanced as an actual ranged weapon, with attributes to match, to make them a useful choice. And being the only ranged option for Slayer, they would likely be a near-compulsory pick for him, just like Dual Axes are now. And reducing (effective) options isn’t a good thing in my book. Of course, they would also break the “melee only” bit of Slayer far more. As a regular Ranged weapon for IB and Ranger, they would likely be quite fun, if tricky to balance sensibly.


Just give him the option to trow the dual axes (with the special key) they should have quite low range he can pick them back up were they land. Having thrown one, his weapon works like the 1h axe. He can pick them back up from the ammo box in case he lost them. If he used 2x dual axes and looses them all he goes into pub brawl mode :beer: .

you are a ranged weapon


Or, make the animation so that he appears to draw another one from his belt (but possibly still limit it to still requiring retrieval). Losing one axe feels a bit contrary to the idea, and would be somewhat too heavy as a limitation (even if it would be kind of cool), changing the use of the weapon temporarily. I think the single throwable is a unique enough mechanism already.


This was requested since beta.
Even in that exact form, as special attack of dual axes.
For some reason it never got any traction from the devs.

Whole “can’t use ranged weapons” excuse is false, since Bardin Slayer throws bombs like there’s no tomorrow whenever given the chance.

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Slayer Bardin doesnt need ranged weapons. It’s a weakness yes, but it’s more than offset by the slayer’s ability to mow down both SV and Chaos patrols almost single handedly in the most manly fashion possible.

Do you want to stand back in the rear like some umgak elf or do you want to be extremely masculine and acquire currency and females via the awesomeness that is the melee meta

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Ban him from using bombs then?
Riddiculous, I know. But checks with lore.

Possibility of throwing 1 of 2 axes isn’t there to

but to save an ally in critical situation. Pounced/Grabbed/about to be mauled with overhead from behind.
It’s a one shot weapon for critical situations.

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Any ranged on slayer would be crazy with his movement speed, dodge, and crit. Which is probably why it never gained traction. Regular dual axes more than makes up for the loss anyway.

You should try loading up a modded game and running dual axes and grudgeraker. It’s amusing, but it highlights the reason he had to give up all ranged attacks.

And I’m not counting generally one-use bombs here. That’s silly.


Because why have unique classes in this game?

And yeah, nobody thought of thrown axes before.

Slayer is already incredibly powerful. Don’t give us the ‘niche career’ nonsense, in the past 2 weeks of regular pub legend play (EUE) I’ve seen 4 slayers for every IB, and more than half of those end up carrying the game.

Forfeiting your ability to save an ally in a critical situation, or whatever you want to offer as an excuse, is what you do to instead gain insane crowd control, attack speed, mobility and access to whats probably the best melee weapon in the game.

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the answers are #situationalawareness and #positioning

also with your leap you can pretty much jump the same range as a grudge raker as well. you should have your leap saved and ready to help deal with teammates

there is nothing more manly than leapin through the air and taking out a hook rat / assassin / leach that is killing a team mate in mid air

The dual axes are already the strongest weapon in the game so I don’t think buffing it is a good idea.

i want my great-axe to get some cleave or do more damage than the elf dagger damn elfs

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