Dwarf Ranger, throwing axes?

Given that Bardin has the most weapon restrictions of all heroes, I feel ranger could use a little something.

In Slayer threads I’ve seen throwing axes been thrown around a lot, and while I do not think Slayer should have any ranged weaponry, I think throwing axes would be a fun addition to ranger Bardin’s arsenal.

I’m pretty confident dwarf rangers in fact do keep throwing axes at hand, some do in any case.

What would be a good way of introducing thrown axes as a ranged weapon?


Yep, throwing axes are a really common weapon for Dwarf Rangers! If we go by game 1’s standards, new weapons were all introduced with map DLCs. I believe that the Bogenhafen DLC is the first in the series NOT to introduce new weapons, though I expect (and greatly hope) that this was only because of the teething troubles of the game, and that future DLCs will introduce a number of new weapons.

Throwing Axes are my number 1 pick for a new ranged weapon for Bardin, and I think throwing weapons in general are a cool idea. Kerillian could get javelins, too, as those are used by Wood Elves in the lore - she could use more variety, I think.

Check this thread for some other thoughts - I was kinda hoping that thread could have more discussion of how new weapons might stand out from the existing collection. :smiley: