Why give the throwing axes to Ranger Veteran aswell?

I get it, variety. But, seeing as they were designed with specifically slayer in mind, I think giving them to RV is a bad idea. Why? Because they will only ever be as powerful to be balanced on the RV. Which means they will get tuned to not be broken on RV, which has, obviously, quite alot of perks around ranged weapons. Meaning they will either be decent on slayer and absolutely busted on RV, or decent on RV and completely useless on slayer.

Rangers use throwing axes in the lore. I am fairly certain it’s one of their signature weapons.


Did slayers use them?

Less but throwing their melee is a thing. The vermintide recallable are a huge stretch lorewise anyway.


Not really that versed in the lore myself but I don’t think theyever used dedicated throwing axes, but they throw their weapons on occasions and there are exceptions such as Malakai Makaisson.

Edit: Nevermind I was wrong as @Froh posted right after me.


On The Tabletop

Despite their appearance, gameplay wise Fyreslayers are the opposite of Slayers. Slayers were elite glass cannon units that killed quick and died quicker. Fyreslayers are best taken in massive hordes (despite how expensive their models are), thanks to their Ur-Gold runes have suprisingly good defenses despite being half-naked, but don’t have high rend or damage. Their widespread use of throwing axes also means they are effective at mid-range.


Fair enough. Still, games arent all about lore. Im just worried a weapon I really like ends up sub-par on the career id really want to use them on because of RV gating.

Also, the text in question writes about fyreslayers using throwing axes, which it also states are opposite of slayer gameplay wise. What exactly does that mean, I dunno. But Bardin is a Slayer, not a Fyreslayer.
" In Age of Sigmar, Slayers changed to be “Fyreslayers” which lost all of the background and personality of the original Slayers."


Well the weapon being viable on RV doesn’t mean it will be used there.
It’s still a weapon that’s hard to use and mostly mid-range.
Therefore, it will allow a fun build for ranger, or an alternative for slayer who does want some mid-range.
So I would say “Why not both”, they cover different options in their respective careers.
(especially since the RV was hit pretty heavily with the loss of the THP Ult)

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Aside from Disengage, there’s not that much potential from RV (he’s more of potion\bomb guy). And doing weapons for seperate careers is a bad idea, when previous weapon addition was back in December. Personally I’m disappointed in Shield\Spear being one career only.

I’m gonna pretend I didn’t read that.


Selective reading then? Its from the same paragraph Froh quoted.

I think it was supposed to be jab at Age of Sigmar, not you.


Mhm. Yet its the only mention of not-slayer slayers using throwing weapons in age of sigmar. That I can find atleast.

Well, like I said, they still throwed their main weapon(s) on occasions and there was at the very least one exception of Malakai Makaisson even using guns, bombs and airships. I think slayers using throwing weapons isn’t that much of a stretch.

Disclaimer: Not that versed in the lore.

We did it bois, we finally used 1d4chan as source material.

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When it suits their point, but not when it suits mine. g

Anyways, Ill have to live with it.

Well, your point being?

That there isn’t any mention of Actual-Slayer Slayers… throwing their weapons? In order to have a reason, lorewise, for Bardin to throw his?

I thought the Ranger Veteran getting Throwing Axes was the problem, not Slayer?

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People saying its lore that RV use throwing axes. Thus I ask if its lore that slayers use them too. Since they justify RV using throwing axes per lore, Id like to know if its lore-justified that slayer gets to use them too.

I mean, we have concrete proof that Ranger Veterans have axes, and have, on occasion, thrown them.

We have concrete proof that Slayers have axes as well. Is it too farfetched to assume that, at some point, a Slayer threw his axe at an enemy?

What, must it else be documented that Slayers urinate every now and then, or are we to assume that their bladder is just an endless void?


Actually there is proof slayers throwed their weapons, not dedicated throwing weapons as far as I know but their axes and hammers for sure :smiley:

Edit: Speaking right now of both Gotrek and Snorri in at least a few of Gotrek and Felix books.