WoM Throwing Axes

Here is the stream about the throwing axes if you missed it

It starts 19 minutes in btw.

What do you people think about them so far?

I think they look great but I’m not sure how I feel about the slayer getting them yet.


I would remove the “Telekinetic Grabbing” mechanic honestly. The fact that you can pick these axes up already means you have a ranged weapon with infinite ammunition, and judging by this footage, they are powerful enough to kill Maulers in one hit.

Plus, it doesn’t really make sense lorewise either.


I decided to just link the whole stream were they explain why they fly back, everything is still subject to change tho.


A little bit of TL;DW: They’ll be available to Ranger Veteran and likely Slayer (yay); they have a steep arc which allows trick shots; they probably won’t have penetration; you’ll have to either retrieve them by hand or hold Reload for a couple of seconds to return them to you; you’ll have only a few axes to use (three for now); no melee option for them, and no throwing axe-only Slayer either, as those would increase the programming requirements for them by a lot and produce other problems to boot.

They gave a pretty good explanation for that, honestly. It’s there pretty much solely to make the gameplay still flow well, as without it people tended to stay behind looking for their lost axes and thus either slow the group down immensely, or be left behind. And there is apparently precedents in the lore, even if they’re supposed to be very rare; they admitted that it’s stretching the lore. Imo, gameplay flow is more important.


Looks good.
The enemies aren’t legend (I hope) but if this thing will be able to body shot any elite it will need a far more arched throwing arc.
The recall also looks good but the recall delay looks rater short and far faster than walking to regain any axe.

About picking up, maybe be a bit easy here and give it a pickup field so we won’t miss them like all these keys.

Adding the axes to slayer is nice but you might have to nerf him in turn.


Building up three stacks on slayer and using throwing axes will be dumb strong.

Just what slayer needs. :expressionless:


I’m really looking forward to these!

I will probably still be on hammers and pickaxe, its glorious combo

They’re probably showing it off on Recruit. If this legend game play, these things are beyond overpowered. Dealing something like 9k+ damage which means you can probably build them to 1 shot CWs as well with power VS.

I think they said in stream that they use the Rune of Wind or Flying or something on them. Kinda cool, remind me of Mjölnir, Thors hammers.

Someone on discord typed up a summery of all the relevant info on them, thanks Kiaghal.

here’s all the relevant info as well, summed up in a reddit comment :
(everything is subject to change)

Throwing axe will have drop off

Can be recalled, time to recall is based on distance thrown

Can be picked back up from corpse or floor instantly

Can’t use in melee, only for throwing.

Ranger vet will get it, Iron breaker will not be able to equip it, Slayer will get it as well.

Ammo count is being tuned - right now its 3-5. Might go lower or higher. No idea.

Light attack is a quick throw, charged attack allows you to do an ‘aimed’ throw that would make it easier to tell where it lands? I think.

RV will get more starting ammo when talented for it but max count will not be more than the 3-5 at this moment. You cannot sit near an ammo box and keep chucking new axes, there will be a max count in the world due to recall mechanic.


As others have said they should not add the telekinesis thing. Bardin is not Thor.

Given how over powered they seem to be and how the game should be punishing for bad decisions if you are stupid enough to launch an axe off the map then you should pay for it.

The telekinesis thing totally goes against the character and the universe IMO.

It’s going to be great I expect :grin::clap:


Actually its totally in universe setting, you know runes exist and dwarf loves them


Yes but then they would be legendary axes crafted by some other legendary runesmith.

They’re a bit lore-bendy, but I think they look extremely fun. I’m okay with it - they are right that forcing you to retrieve them would be a real pain for pace.

I don’t actually see this as different from how the black powder weapons take only a second~ to reload instead of 20+ seconds. Changing “reload” mechanics for gameplay reasons is something done in every game that has reloads at all.


Looks so much fun :3
If the throwing axe is this fun, I can only expect a lot for the other weapons :smiley:

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Definitely looking forward to these throwing axes, especially with the callback mechanic! I was as bit worried about having to run and collect them all. I am a bit wary of slayer getting the axes though - it’s already one of the most overpowered careers in the game, and mitigating it’s biggest weakness isn’t going to help. Hopefully this patch comes along with some major perk balancing.

I still reserve the majority of my excitement for the billhook, however. I’ve been wanting this since well before the patch was announced.


Don’t understand why people yell OP, when there is no way the demo was done on legend, recruit probably, to one shot a mauler.

Good point - we don’t know the difficulty. I guess a lot of use just assume, haha. And we all kinda expect a big chonky axe to do a buttload of damage.

Bardens shotgun can one shot maulers and can top up on ammo by bashing a horde so I personally don’t think the axe doing it is a big deal.

I think we also have to keep in mind that we are getting a whole new enemy faction with brand new elites on top of a new difficulty level so it may just balance out in the end.


There’s nothing wrong with them doing a lot of damage as long as they’re not armour piercing… they only hit 1 enemy and get stuck in the first thing they hit. Which kinda makes me sad, as we’re not gonna have any 360 bouncing off tree’s into CW heads montages.

Now, if they do 9k+ damage and armour pierce, there’s no point in taking any other ranged weapon on RV. Dual hammers for horde clear and axe to kill CWs and SV.

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