For those, who missed the CEO interview

Part 1:

Part 2:


DLC “definitely this year” “its maps and will add something that veterans will recognize” “no new characters, not yet atleast”

Talent balances coming, underperforming talents will be changed/buffed.

Slayer ranged weapon (throwing axes) talks about it, not planned (yet)

Plans to avoid red duplicates

xbox preorder went live today

ps4 no date confirmed, focus is on xbox, easier to go one platform at a time.

Lots of focus on new platforms and bug fixing right now.

More weapon balancing

Dedicated servers “very soon” “needs more optimization because they are too hard on CPU - expensive to host”

Theres a lot of other small/repetitive questions that adds very little.


For the veterans part, I was checking steamDB and found this:

All the other DLCs dont have Vermintide 2 as “Packages that include this app”, dont know if this means anything however…

Interesting. Thank you for sharing!

Was this today, sorry I’m out of the loop?

No, it was a week or so ago.

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It’s refreshing to see an apparent emphasis on buffing/changing underwhelming talents as opposed to nerfs.

Slayer throwing axes should be modeled off of Boldur, in Battleborn, wherein you’re simply down an axe until you physically move over to it and pick it up again. The mechanic works very well.

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Thanks, I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

Great idea btw

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