You can tell us about the skill tree and the announced Xbox release any time, Fatshark

Y’know, just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany time now.

If you want us to actually get hype about this and believe you haven’t attached any monkey’s paws to these releases - unneccesary locks on the skill tree system, a lack of crossplay between Xbox and PC - you better tell us now.

You’re launching Xbox during the most packed fall release schedule I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If you want me to get my friends to play this critically unfinished product, convince me. Where are the details about this stuff?


I strongly second this.

The usual explanation for FS’ communication methods is “they got burned, so now they only communicate on certain things”.
Well, we have announcements and release dates.

Now, for the other part of the argument - that one, about false promises, false marketing and hushed up mtx.

I am open to being impressed and changing my mind. Show us.


xbox to pc crossplay was confirmed on their twitter about an hour ago


wow, I was not expecting this.
nice info.

I’m guessing we will get the info about those in the next dev journal when it goes out. And probably some teaser in september about the skill tree rework so they don’t “burn” the hype to much in amount of it.

That’s really good news… I’m really interested if DT for Windows/xbox will have cross progression or will be like Microsoft calls it an “Play anywhere” title?! That would be awesome as well… I hope we will get some more detailed informations/clarifications about the coming update soon

Why do people keep thinking xbox will have crossplay with steam. They will litteraly be 2 different games stop asking for crossplay between two completely different games. Its the same with vermintide. Xbox and pc are completely different from each other

Darktide put its AI server side which means that unlike VT2 the PC and Xbox version of DT can be 1:1 and the Xbox will effectively be just another PC.

I just updated the Crossplay F.A.Q with some Xbox information. CrossPlay F.A.Q - #17 by FatsharkCatfish
I will publish a XBOX F.A.Q a bit closer to the release date.

We will be providing more info in the lead up to release, with assorted comms and media - this is just a first taste!


If Xbox and MSoft Store play together, then Steam will be playing with them as well. Steam and Microsoft Store can literally play together right now.

You don’t understand. That is what they’re afraid of.

What happened to Hedge, by the way? I just learned he no longer is in the Fishtank. :frowning:

That was their plan from the very start. Surprised to see them pull it off, though. The games featuring crossplay even to this day can be counted on a few hands.

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Yeah, if it all works seamlessly it’ll be great. Current crossplay between Steam and MSoft Store has been working great. Hopefully the console version works great at launch, I’m already playing with controller the whole time on MSoftStore anyways.

In my opinion, the Xbox release is Fat Shark’s one chance to have another soft re-launch of the game. It definitely is in a better state now, but the biggest issue still exists. Once the Xbox players dive in will be the Item Acquisition and the horrendous grind that they will have to undergo to get something close to what they want.

Fat Shark needs to address the items. Or else they will lose the player-base like they did with PC.


I get the vibe that they are aiming to have the ‘true’ soft relaunch be the patch after the xbox launch, I think that mainly because a soft relaunch needs a ton of actual content like maps/enemies/weapons for marketing and drawing players who have left back in, and that doesn’t seem to be what we are getting with the xbox launch.

Dunno how I feel about that, I might have delayed the xbox launch until new content and crafting was ready, especially the crafting as it is meh at best and will be a drag on the good word of mouth that a soft relaunch needs.

Once they have done with the Xbox port thing, you’ll be amazed how much speed picks up with this project. The period between the “early release” launch and the “actual” launch is always the worst for Fatshark games. You can visibly feel them trying to figure out how to make this run on inferior hardware.

Then after release, the speed and quality of their content creation picks dramatically up. Always been that way with them.

Nearing a year post-launch with extremely limited changes despite copious amounts of feedback.

Your optimism is to be commended but unlikely to be replicated.


I don’t know what you mean. The game we’re playing today is quite different from what we had at launch.

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…okay. whatever you say man


I don’t think I agree, man. They’ve added one badguy, a handful of weapons and maps, and outright avoided altering their crafting in as many ways as they possibly can without addressing core complaints, and everything is coming late.

We’ll see. I’ll believe it once it’s here. We waited 3 years for Sienna, i’ll believe Fatshark is capable of picking up the pace once I see it. They’ve erased too much good will to have any benefit of the doubt.


Yeah the next few months are going to be insane. You have Starfield coming out. Cyberpunk. Lies of P. Space Marine 2, which by the way looks super epic:

Looks meh. Okayish decent fun. But don’t think this attracts the same crowd as Darktide does, it does not.