You can tell us about the skill tree and the announced Xbox release any time, Fatshark

What does Crossplay entail?

On the MS Store and Xbox Series X|S: Players can matchmake, add friends, and join players from all supported networks (Steam and XBL), in our Cross-Network Servers.

Cross Progression/ Commerce

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide supports Xbox Play Anywhere (XPA).

:man_shrugging: :people_hugging:

What crowd would that be? I thought we were all Warhammer enjoyers here :thinking:

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Woooou bro… Do u speak of SM2??? If yes, cmon man, u can’t be serious about that… People waiting for years for this sequel… The return of Titus… And what I have seen so far looks very well imo… Can’t wait for that game… 2 great WH40K games… Its like we get Christmas and Easter at once :smile:

We’re one third masochists.
A second third sadists.
And the third third is trolls.

One group will enjoy Space Marine 2.
The rest of us cannot find the refined experience there that is granted to us by the glorious piece of spaghetti code called Darktide.

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Probably another reason that the xbox launch isn’t the actual soft relaunch. I think they decided to just get the xbox launch out the door and save a huge content dump for the true soft relaunch.

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Maybe. Or maybe there’s more than just the skill tree. I don’t want to hype myself over this game, but maybe they’re saving some pleasant surprises for us in order to compete for the Xbox player base.

Ehm… As in, the people that still stick around in the 40K coop shooter with hordes of enemies aren’t going to go nuts for the long-awaited 40K shooter with coop already confirmed, that also happens to revolve around hordes of enemies?


Just a personal perspective here - I got nearly 800 hours in DT. I got nearly 900 in SM due to the janky PvP MP and the 8 (12?) levels of coop. If SM2 is anywhere decent, come with coop and, Emprah forbid, has PvP… DT has no chance.

Yeah yeah, DT is a tide game, yes. But that alone is not enough to equal the heaps of silly nonsense and poor delivery by FS. Tide or no tide, when faced with the sheer choice of playing the SM2 campaign again with the pals, or doing another friggin’ Hi5STG/Auric I didn’t pick… I’ma go with the SM2 campaign there…


Here. I hope we can all agree Skill Up is a more than decent cc.
And he does get into DT a bit as a mirror for SM2.


When are the locks and the other player addiction RNG systems going away?


and cities skylines 2. o boy o boy


Totally forgot about that. There’s also Payday 3 too, which is going to be huge.

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People say that all the time.
It’s an internet thing.
“X will kill Y.”

Reality is, that most of the time X and Y co-exist, in particular because people just play both or because X and Y attract different target audiences. Sometimes communities split, but that doesn’t mean that X or Y must end, either. Just that both truck on with less community than before.

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Wat. Why.
Who thought this was a good idea?

A game controller has completely different capabilities than a mouse and keyboard.

In this game you need to whip the camera around frequently and make precise shots.

You can’t balance a game around both input methods.

Either the game will be unplayable for consolers or it will be way too easy for PC-gamers.

What will they try to even this playing field?
Give consoles massive aimbot and DMG resistances? Leave one in the dirt and call it a day?

console player can play difficulties I-III…

That won’t worsen the already abysimal grind at al ^^

Well it looks like with cross play between PC and Xbox it means they are going to leave AI director at PC level.

I always assumed Xbox won’t have cross play and therefore AI director would be adjusted, but also aim assist, add quick 180 turn button, different acceleration curve settings etc

But the natural thing to do is to add native keyboard and mouse support, which many console games do have. i.e. Apex Legends and Warzone have this.

I wondered recently why hordes don’t feel as a threat anymore, actually not really a threat as it used to but the ranged enemies feel a bit more tuned up in damage. Almost as if adjusted for console players to play at ranged more.

Mouse and keyboard native support is the way forward.

Then there is the price. I saw in my retail store they are taking preorders of physical copies for £30 GBP (50 for imperial edition). That is going to be tough sell consider by comparison the bigger game titles recently released cost 50 in the same store like Resident Evil 4, Remnant 2, Jedi survivor, Dead Island 2.

Here’s hoping we can opt out.

Hah Nope

Crossplay with other PC players is one thing, PC/console is another. Nothing against console players, but it’s best for both groups if we’re separated.

Supposedly there isn’t much statistical difference between controller and M&K outside of the top tier of a game. Dunno how true that is, but if it is I doubt people below Auric will be able to notice the difference once the newbies have acclimatised.

I’d be interested to see those statistics. My experience suggests otherwise.