Ok. We're about two weeks out from this game's relaunch. *Now* can we know what we're getting?

Is there gonna be that fabled devlog this week? A sneak peak? A glance at any of these trees? General info on what else we can expect from this patch other than the skill rework? Anything?

Would sure love a crumb of information, please. Again I get that none of us are journalists, but we did all pay for your game, often with blatantly incorrect information from Fatshark itself if we were foolish enough to purchase it pre-release, like I was. I would love for my friends to play this too, help me convince them.

I don’t think we expect full patch notes, just literally any information on a patch that will make or break if I can convince anybody to play or purchase your game before this time next year.


I hope Fatshark aren’t expecting this to be a resurgent soft relaunch with a huge player spike if they continue to do so little marketing and hype for it. Most people who quit playing are out of the Darktide news loop and wont hear about it unless there is enough noise


At this point, can we expect any real communication from FS? Their track record isn’t exactly stellar when it comes to community engagement. The best bet is to wait and hope, we’ll find out in October.

IMHO, this ‘re-launch’ is almost entirely for a short-term Xbox/new player cash grab. It’s pretty clear by now that FS really has no intentions of fostering a stable long-term player base.

Worst case, they are going to introduce new or reinforce current anti-player mechanics and are hoping to avoid any fallout before release.

As a creator of another similar thread asking for the same information, good luck :+1:t2:

Seems like they would want to advertise the update and major changes to the game but, I’m guessing that they’re crunching it right now and maybe Oct 4th is in jeopardy since that’s all they have said other than the article.

I sure would love to read about the different options and everything before it’s released.


Why so anxious? It won’t be here any sooner, even if you know. :wink:

I’m sure we will get something soon, though.


better for them to not say anything and release it as a surprise, rather than them repeatedly saying one thing on devblog and actually doing a different thing or doing it in a desultory fashion


Happy sharkboy/gal with creepy fingers! I love it!

I would love it if Fatshark can meet the release date, but more than anything I want the update to WORK. So if they need to delay to iron out the biggest issues, that’s fine with me.

They definately should give us more information, but maybe they don’t want to overpromise?

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Anyone else look at the calendar and realize October 4th is a Wednesday? Are they really going to do a release on a Wednesday?

Better than on a Friday.

Still some time to fix issues before weekend!


Based on their track record they should consider Sunday or Monday then


On Monday, everyone is exhausted from the weekend’s parties, so we should send the update on Tuesday.

Wait, don’t release on a Tuesday because that’s when I work a 24-hour shift!


Shoutout to @Mayson


Standard FS stuff.
They either announce something 2 years before its ready … or will ever be ready.
Days before launch they are quiet.

There was, is and will never be in between.
All we can hope for that this WILL be the turning point for DT and it can start climbing to VT2 godlike status


See, stuff like this is why I don’t blame Fatshark CMs (past Hedge shoving his foot in his own mouth, of course).

It doesn’t matter if the CM is Hedge or Aqshy or Catfish or anybody else when that pattern is the same, over and over and over again, for a decade. Fatshark leadership has no idea how to communicate to people.

Honestly it makes me wonder how well Fatshark leadership communicates with Fatshark. Like, is most of the company as surprised and jaded as we are whenever there is an announcement of anything? Did they know they were going to become, functionally, employees of Tencent or that the legs would get cut out from underneath their dev cycle?

How much better does the average Fatshark employee know than us anyways?


My guess is that they don’t know anything either. They’re just told to push things to production regardless of their ready state.

Literally two weeks from today. Expectations are high and if you consider the last hot fix which exposed changes to some blessings we know this update will contain more than just the new skill trees (some type of rebalancing or tweaks).

Dev blog post tomorrow or next week?

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they could also go for some easy wins just posting the coming penance cosmetics for the other classes

unless they’re going to be withheld for no reason for even longer, I need those gun lugger pauldrons on BOTH SHOULDERS.


devblog this week supposedly

That’s one exhausted shark. Damn. What workout did you give it?

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I’ll believe it when I see it

Been waiting for this update to go back in and play it again
Kinda wish they released some info and teased some of the new system.
Understand they are doing the whole devblog thing but it just dosen’t give of any excitment from FS
I get they are carefull of not overselling things but like some hype is ok?!?
The comunication or lack of comunication on this update giving off the vibe of they not beliving in it.
Thats probably not the case (I hope) but say anything be a bit excited talk about this new amazing RPGish system.
Sell me the idea that I should come back to play this game and try getting my friends to install it again