So, Fatshark, what's next?

Clearly there’s gonna be balance patches, tweaks, changes to talents, Vet tree reworks, etc. However, I’m awfully curious to see what Fatshark does next.

Are there more weapons coming? More levels? What are they continually teasing in the Vox transmissions we’ve all been listening to for over a year?

I know the official like is “We can’t share anything just yet, I’ll share more when we have more information” but that’s been the standard line for years now and I think your playerbase is getting really tired of just waiting, or incredibly poor communication, or foot-in-mouth CMs who are great at coming off like jerks and aren’t allowed to say anything.

Fatshark, when can we learn what’s next?

They’re busy working on another beta helmet variant to give all the pearl clutchers.

The console launch happened. But remember that Fat Shark is still concurrently developing VT2 and their next big thing will be that game’s final career drop. We might get another hotfix this month for things that are legitimately nonsensical (infinite bubbles, like over a dozen broken ‘nodes’ or talents or whatever we’re calling them now.) but I wouldn’t hold out for much for the next 2 weeks.

I reckon they’re saving things to drop when s hits the fan. So the more they eff up and the faster player numbers drop the higher the chance we suddenly get:

  • The datamined new weapons that are already in the game
  • Diamantine to Plasteel conversion
  • Some kind of crafting bandaid like unlocking blessings for diamantine
  • cosmetics from the cover art as unlockables
  • Another rehash of an existing map tile quickly cobbled together for a new mission or two

Keep in mind that it’s always just 1 of these options. So if we want everything the playercount has to drop to the absolute lowest for at least 3-4 times, or in other terms: roughly 1 - 1,5 years.

Source: Their modus operandi in the past 5-6 years

Another power sword nerf.

Everyone who got a Beta helmet should get an Alpha helmet, and everyone who played prior to the skills tree patch should get the Beta helmet.


What’s next is a very urgent fix to Smite and nerf to Assail because the game right now is only enjoyable when none of these “skills” are involved

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