What do you think is FatShark's Top Priority at the moment? (Poll)

While hopefully they are at least considering, if not working, on most if not all of these aspects, I’m only allowing 1 choice because I want to see what people think FS is working the most on.

To clarify a bit, when I say “Meta” game I am referring to game content outside of missions, such as crafting and leveling, not what is the Meta for weapons and feats to run.

  • Xbox/Console Release
  • New Story Content (Cutscenes, Dialogue, Character Interactions)
  • New Weapons
  • Balance (Blessings, Feats, Individual Weapons, Enemy Spawns and Stats, etc.)
  • New Missions (Including new Mission Areas)
  • New Classes/Archetypes
  • “Meta” Game (Crafting, Armory, Siloing, Melk Bounties, levelling up etc.)
  • Cosmetics (Free and Payed) and Penances
  • New Mission Content (Mini-Bosses, Modifiers, Enemies, maybe new full Bosses as well, New Objectives)
  • New Enemy Faction (Different Chaos Cult, More Nurgle Enemies, Genestealer Cults)

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Of course if you feel I missed something, let me know and I will add it to the poll. Just interested to see not only in general are FS are working on, but what this upcoming “large content drop” and patch will include. Since it looks like we’re only getting 1 map, I assume it will be new weapons and balance but we will have to wait and see.

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training ai to replace themselves.


Forgot to mention Bug Fixing and Stabilization, but it won’t let you add new options after 5 Minutes :cry: . I guess just like this reply or comment if you think that’s their priority right now.

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Impossible to really say for sure

Not really worked on at the moment:

  • Archetypes
  • New enemy faction

Then there are a few that are most likely being worked on:

  • Balance
  • Mission Content
  • Mission
  • Area
  • Classes
  • Weapon/Variants
  • Xbox

I’ll vote for balance because that’s what they have always put in their note patches

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My guess is that FS is focusing their efforts on making a new class(es) and the Xbox port since they did say they planned to make a class release every quarter and planned to make the game available on Xbox.


Like I said, I believe the same in that most are being either considered or worked on, but I wanted to know what people thought FS’s big priority is. What they think working on will make the game more successful etc.

Honestly I’m not sure how much I believe that anymore, after the apology note and patches afterwards makes it seem like its no longer a huge priority for the team. Maybe if this upcoming patch is a “second release” they’ll start working on them again but I’m just not sure atm.

Yea they’ve mostly been focusing on getting Darktide to an acceptable level after it released, I think we might be getting a class soon™ because of this post made by one of the voice actors. I believe it makes some sense given FS’s original statement/goal.



Pretty sure they are mainly working on the console port.
Even though they said they wouldn’t until the game reached an acceptable level due to the backlash… but it’s fatshark.
I’d also be surprised if the large update this month would contain more than 1 map and maybe some more marks of already existing weapons.
If it infact is a large update with alot of content and QOL changes I, and alot of other people, might be wrong on the console port and they are putting more effort into fixing and saving the game than it seems atm.

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What a lovely picture. They look in good spirits, that is nice to see.

Anyway, to answer the thread: It’s definitely the console release. They will have “secretly” kept working on it and that’s where a lot of the manpower went. That and new content. People just need to be patient.


I hope and pray it’s to release more classes asap, followed by content (maps, modifiers, etc.)

The game 100% will not get any extensive content until the console release is secured. They need to get a bigger playerbase to justify it.

kinda sad that 90% of my knowledge of their ongoing works comes from a VA reddit post


A bunch of content they teased at seperate points, like Dynax chainsword or the many, many weapons with insignias we saw all the way back when the closed beta ended and some dedicated souls lingered online to see them unlock all inventory flags. Another map on Barross, because that’s all they sold us on. Another boring update until the console release. Remember their summer vacay is almost there for them too. Maybe they’ll drop Sienna to earn some good will before then.

New game.


True, but if they don’t raise review scores before doing so, a console release doesn’t guarantee an attractive ROI for either platform. It could help short term cash flow issues, but they already have Tencent backing. The game had a large enough release playerbase, so I’m thinking they have been waiting to release Console + New Career at the same time. The recent reviews would all spike positively, it lessens the chance of sabotaging the console’s initial User Reviews score, and it could overcome weary individuals that have been made aware of the PC release situation.

I’m unfamiliar with Fatshark’s contractual obligations to Microsoft & Xbox/Game Pass though. But, the recent content drought combined with Catfish’ allusions hopefully point to this combined go-live later this month.

Good lord I forgot that’s a Scandinavian (Maybe European?) thing. This better be one Hail Mary of a patch or things could be really bad.


we all know they are forced to put most of their effort into the console port while in the process killing the game on pc.

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They are focused on doing the least amount of work and still have a game that’s semi playable

They had a bigger playerbase. On release Darktide had the largest playerbase for any game they’ve ever released, but they squandered that all away.


for a few measly console players