Roadmaps or Polls?

Having just received the “Blessings of the Omnissiah” update, the game is well on it’s way to actually being somewhat tolerable. However, a lot us are still wondering what is next on the long list of things that need to be fixed. So if the Devs at FatShark are able to, they should either post a roadmap (or just a general outline, since the Devs did say they had no concrete timeframe for their work), or they should host more polls over on the Darktide Discord server that ask players where they should focus their attention. To give an example, a poll could ask whether or not we want more weapons first, or more missions and locations instead. This is just a recommendation, but one I think would help everybody out.

Believe me, you don’t want to see a road map. Unfulfilled expectations, shattered dreams, etc., you know.


I’d just like them to tell us what kind of content we can expect. New maps? New classes? Specializations for the current classes? More weapons? Different enemy types?

We’ve had no hints at all of what content we can expect from this live service since release.

Same here.

I do think some clarity from the ‘community’ needs to be focused on some of the real issues facing the game a poll is a good idea but I really feel there are members of the community with a big voice on youtube or twitch that not only cements their thoughts but they read comments and have alot of feedback that I often find myself agreeing with… PartyKnife, Milkw/Cookies, jtcLive, WetMagic and Jsat are on discord etc they play the game at high levels… and I started watching a few new channels with Darktide: ItalianSpartacus Claysthetics RealAsianRobot

If the developers talk to these guys and really tailor their development around the guys that play their games for a living… anyone watching their streams its will be excited not joining them in a rant at FatShark for not helping them maintain an audience…?!

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