Can we get a roadmap so we can know what Fatshark is working on, and if we're being heard?

There are so many voices clamoring to be heard that it drowns out any dev response (if there is any at all). It would be really nice to have some sort of roadmap so we can know what’s being heard and worked on.

No roadmaps.
Fatshark is notoriously bad at following their own roadmaps, it’s only going to cause more discontent.


After V2 I don’t think they will ever make a roadmap again. They did say they aim to make a statement about various subjects sometime this week though.

Edit: Fatshark, when can we expect next patch? - #6 by Aqshy

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We won’t get a roadmap. But I would imagine they are aware of player displeasure judging soley by the PCGamer articles written last week

Except that most things on the roadmap would not be done and after asking about them, they would say (pick anything, it will be right):

  • It does not fit the setting.
  • Don’t you have friends to play?
  • We did not expect such a response.
  • I will ask, do not know where “feature XY” went/ when it will be ready.
  • We forgot to include/ implement that.
  • This feature was just trashed, we will make it in a totally other way now.

I could add more, but it sounds way more salty or even mean than I am feeling. No, FS, if I hurt your feelings with this post, I am sorry.

Still, I am quite sure that a roadmap will be of very limited use, if any. And even if, there are already many posts which point out what NEEDS to be done, FS only needs to work them off (Performance, Challenges, Crafting, Shared Resources, Rework of the REAL MONEY shop, …).