Any Roadmap or something?

I wanted to ask if it is possible to publish a rough roadmap of what is still planned.
I understand if Fatshark does not want to commit to specific times, but a rough direction of what is still planned I think would help a lot.
Currently, I must unfortunately say that the communication, in my experience, on the part of FS is virtually non-existent.
There are several problems, missing features and other inconveniences that are addressed but never commented.
Instead, a dev blog about leveldesign is published? Do not get me wrong, I also find this quite interesannt, but virtually since release burns the community and it has been said so far NOTHING about it?

To name just a few examples:

  • It was said at the beginning of the crafting was gradually delivered at the beginning of December → Is only partly Happened, half is still missing.
  • It was said that the private lobbies have been postponed so that the user experience also corresponds to what we expect → Has been delivered, but is still not what the community wants.
  • It was said that the game was moved to ensure reasonable bot support → There are bots, yes, but to call them “reasonable bot support” does not even begin to do it justice!

I understand that much of the criticism here on the forum and on Steam is just absolutely unreadable. Much is full of insults, insults and little constructive written in blind rage. You do not have to give something like that, I agree. But there are certainly exceptions where criticism was practiced constructively, but there was never feedback to.

Yes fathsark messed up on the release. The game is playable but far from finished. No, that’s why we must not all pick on Fatsahrk and insult but constructive criticism, but unfortunately I have the feeling that this is not taken and heard at all. This then leads naturally to frustration, and frustration on the Internet then very quickly to a maximum toxic atmosphere.
I think the roadmap already mentioned at the beginning would be a good start. There could be listed what everything is still planned without an exact release time.
In any case, I wish you all happy and restful holidays


Youve got more chance of Gregor Eisenhorn kicking your door in a recruiting you to his retinue.

Roadmap for VT2 was pulled and never seen again. Theyll never make that mistake again.


Whatever roadmap they would publish, they’d never be able to deliver on it. They couldn’t on VT2, and they certainly can’t now. Such is the state of Fatshark’s management.


You’d have a better chance of getting a Volvo to run without check engine light past the first 10,000 miles than getting FatShark to commit to getting something useful done in a timely manner.

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My brother in Christ we didnt even have weapons an crafting on launch are you a glutton for dissapointment?

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A roadmap wouldn’t really help.

The most fundamental issue with this game is that they dropped the ball on progression and itemization so hard that the system is hurting people who don’t care about progression by depriving them of easily accessible customization, and is also doing absolutely nothing to engage people who do care about progression.

This is the only thing that should be a priority for them right now, because it’s the number one thing that kills retention of players who wanted to be here for the long haul. Releasing new weapons and levels and what not is all fine and dandy, but the amount of playtime that adds when people just look at it once and go back to sleep is marginal. Without that system that keeps them coming back day after day working right the game is going to be on a decline.

Here’s your roadmap:
-New cash shop items with inflated prices: 2023-2028
-From early access to near full release: end of 2025
-Crafting system: 2026
-Porting V2 best features: never


You don’t read the forums much, do you? :rofl: