Could we get a Roadmap?

Could we get a Roadmap for what is Planned for the Coming Year ? :slight_smile:

It would be Nice to have a Rough Idea of what new things are Planned and when we can Expect certain things to be coming around :slight_smile:


yeah cuz their promises were always true to their word :sweat_smile:


Last time we got a roadmap it was basically abandoned and made into a joke by the community so I doubt it.


I saw someone mention that official communication is expected this week, but Fatshark is notorious for missing dates they set themselves


We don’t even need promises, just transparency of where they intend on putting time into development even if it never sees the light of day.

I do remember them commenting on not having dedicated servers stating it wasn’t possible within their scope of what they wanted to do. As disappointing as it was this is a lot better than say announcing versus followed by radio silence.
Versus is more than likely dead and buried forever because it was a silly idea for VT2 to begin with; yet we still have no confirmation or even a hint at the state of it.

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As far as I know they made an inhouse fully functional and playable versus mode of some kind, which is apparently still being worked on as of last year, just glacially slowly.

It’s really not rocket science as to why the versus mode is taking so long though. All you got to do to figure it out is point your eyeballs toward the current state of Darktide and envision how much of the devs resources it is taking up. Hint: all of them.

Precisely why I agree with Cedric. FS roadmaps are useless farts in the wind - we know it and they know it. So why would anyone even want one? Only if they are actively seeking to be lied to for some reason.


Because at the moment we have a paid product that’s missing a major chunk out of it.
It’s less of a case of what wonderful new things we may get in the future to get excited for and more a way for accountability after we’ve been jipped without any forewarning besides a throw away reply at the very last second on discord of all places.

I would’ve agreed a year or two ago, but after something as complex comparatively to most of what’s on offer in vt2 that is Chaos Wastes came out in the meantime and with very little being heard from anonymous people breaking NDA about the inhouse build; My money is one versus being dead.

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it would be intresting to why that is tbh, do they lack the vision? do they lack the person capable to steer them towards the vision? are they lack talented people capable to realise it how it is meant?

whatever it is they seem to be really bad with promises

So what if FS says, for example, that they’ll sort everything out in a coupla weeks, and then they dont? And then push it out a coupla weeks again. Then maybe a month. At which point will you recognize that the only accountability you can get comes in the form of a refund?

Who cares? It’s all conjecture that wouldn’t help us customers anyway.

I think they have a plenty talented people. They lack talented management.


Do you or anyone know the last official mention of VS in V2. I can’t find any official Fatshark mention of it anywhere past the video. I was looking forward to it but now I’m grinding Darktide classes wondering where it went.

If they had a roadmap, it’d be like their previous ones where it wasn’t updated and the dates are all missed, then never talked about again hoping that the community forgets that it was a thing.

Because the more they string on the consumer with the promised product, the harder the nuclear option that is ACCC will hit :smirk:

Should we just give up instead of expecting better and trying to push for it?
Should we just tell people who never realised they haven’t been given what they payed for that they’re stuffed now that they sunk enough time into the game so they cannot receive a refund?

im just that sort of people who starts pondering,

other studios manage to keep their promises and would very rarely fail to do so, and if it is the case most of the time they would be quick to release a public notice elaborating that they ran into problem they can’t solve that easily resulting in either a delay or scrapping the entirety of that idea.

but with fatshark its utterly bizzare their response is pure silence resulting in the community grasping every little scrap that ever has been mentioned in any form

and with their CM’s it always feels like they aren’t allowed to talk about things, and the community catches them spilling something resulting in a wierd kind of hype around features that have been vaguely mentioned
and to top that off they often talk about things in threads or people but so rarely adress things in an widespanning public notice that barely anyone got a clue about the whole picture.


By that Logic You should never make any Appointment because You could always Miss it and then make a New Appointment that You could also Miss for whatever Reason.
Guess You are a Pretty Wild Personality to never make any Plans with others because You or They might Postpone or Cancel it.

But mind You.
I would still like to make Appointments.
And if You dont Trust the Roadmap thats Fine.

I would still like to have it.


It would be good to hear from them more often than one time per patch note. They certainly working on something and it is certainly possible to say "we working on “x”, no completion time needed to be mentioned. Surely there will be something they know they will be able to complete in a short period of time? Like with fixing more than 100 toughness bug. Informational vacuum causing people to make a guesses, and not a good ones.

This implies some kind of an emotional attachment, which in the case of a business transaction (buying the game) would be entirely one-sided. Noone can really tell you whether you ‘should give up’, I was just saying that maybe it is better to pay money for the finished product when its finished without paying for some kind of weird ‘dev futures’.

I Guess You are a Pretty Weird Personality Who Pays for All Business Appointments up-front and draws Parallels that Do Not Make Sense.

They pout. Because everything they say is being used against them in the court of their own forums :smile: That’s it, no need to go a step further and try to get at why people get armed with failed promises in the first place. No. pouting sounds better.


I’d like to see a roadmap, if only to see what we can expect to be overhauled. I assume balance will be an ongoing issue, but what about the shop, the contracts, crafting. at what aproximate timeline are more classes, maps, story? Even if no given date will be met, seeing their field of focus and vision for the game would be nice.