So, what about that roadmap Fatshark?

It has been a month since you took down the roadmap with the promise of information “soon”. Developer transparency and communication is very important for the longevity of a game and to keep the community happy.


If you follow steam, or reddit, they said that they need to fix the game first. Apparently, they need to correct all the programming flaws first.

…yea fix until the community dies :rofl:

-> What this game needs is fresh content.

If they need roughly 6 month to finish a single map they should immediately outsource it to the modding community.

Same with new cosmetics and stuff. I understand the company is small, but you can outsource a lot, there are enough ppl out there who have motivation to start creating maps. I mean its complex and all with the lightning settings, however it doesnt have to feel always perfect, I would just prefer to explore more content beyond the maps i have played already a 100 times :kissing_heart:


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It’s impossible to fix ALL the bugs in any software. You just need to make sure that the product works and that customers are satisfied with the quality.


It still amazes me that FS chooses to give important information, updates and clarifications in random comments to random threads on here, steam and reddit.

Where is the weekly dev progress post, or even just an aggregate of information given across all three communities?


before the 1.1 I was willing to get more content cause the bugs were annoying but, it was still playable.
Now, after all the backend errors and now the disconnected from steam error… what the point of content ? you can’t even play properly without a disconnection fest…
If they plan to fix the game first then add new content, it’s good of them, but, how long will it last till people go away ?
Now we’re in June and there are still majors bugs that kill the game.
I stoped playing before 1.1 cause there was no content. 1.1 bringed more reds, challenges, quests, cosmetics, I played again, but it also bringed some more major bugs.

I remember VT1 was empty at the begining, there were few bugs, but I don’t remember having any of the VT2’s ones… I can’t understand why they released a VT1, polished it to the point it was a really good game, it had bugs, but minor bugs.
And they ended releasing VT2 in this state, and incapable of fixing the major flaws without creating new ones.
Sometimes I’m thinking that they put so much efforts into the anti-cheat system that they’re themselves fighting with it at any attempt to fix a bug.
I can’t believe the same team made VT1 a regular rock into a polished diamond, and then released VT2, forgetting all the good features they had, and are struggling with it to the point they’re killing their own game and driving away the first hardcore fans…
There must a be reason why VT2 is so a struggle, while everything went smoother for VT1… And I’d really love to know what it is.

I find it funny that now, after 3 months of bugfixing and “performance improvements”, the game is LESS playable than it was at start, or even at beta.


Well there have been lot of improvements, balance etc… but still… all the ghost swings, the ennemy hiting you while you’re not even in his range, etc… I barely noticed them before they were fixed, now I see them everywhere :nauseated_face:.
At the begining my game was stable, I could host for hours and getting maybe a random crash once a day.
Now, I can’t host a single game without seeing everyone get dc when it’s not myself. And since, I can’t play at all without being disconnected from steam ingame, while I’m still connected to steam in the steam launcher or other games.

Really, the game is less and less playable while there is only fixes and improvements.
There’s a point I can’t get. Correct me if I’m wrong, but really, VT1 never was so unstable or having this much bugs, was it ?
So why a team that learned from making VT1, f*cked up the things so hard with VT2 ?!


Yeah, it is mind boggling.

I wouldn’t mind modders making custom maps. I use to really enjoy the L4D2 custom maps. Some of the campaigns that modders did were really good, better than the devs maps. Would be nice if they allowed it, and then white-list the good ones to be added into the official relm.

I’d even go so far, as to say I wouldn’t mind paying for it. Like a map pack, where modders get a percentage cut, and Fatsharks gets the remaining amount.


Yes! That is a good idea.