I just noticed that Fatshark has remove their roadmap for Vermintide 2

What do you guys think about future?

I’d say that they hit a ton of problems that I’m sure they never anticipated. I’m frustrated as a player, but also sympathetic to their predicament. I reckon the reason they are updating the roadmap is because they’re not sure of anything time-wise at the moment. They’re just getting layered with countless hours of work to deal with due to their issues with bugs and such. Particularly the “Fix this, and somehow more appear”.


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Most of the bugs wouldn’t bother me at all if the end-game fundamentals were ironed out. Seriously… if they fixed green dust, crafting, and RNG issues, most specifically adding the bounty board from V1, even that whole “director spawns 3k mobs and over 100 specials per run” crap I was dealing with from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 would be tolerable. Right now though, anytime I feel like playing I’m like… why bother when I’m just spinning my tires as far as progression goes and I have other fun games to play? I want to invest in my characters and the current game mechanics simply don’t allow that in any meaningful or fun way.

@Fatshark_Hedge I know you guys said there would be something like the bounty board but is it possible to make sure it still does everything V1’s bounty board does, at minimum? V1’s bounty board is 100% perfect and exactly what a game like this needs. The V1 board kept me logging in well after I’d accomplished most everything in the game because it was fun, gave us a way to properly farm gear, it enhanced the crafting system in that even the dust rewards were awesome, and the temp buffs granted made running levels even more fun. Please don’t reinvent the wheel on this. You already did it flawlessly the first time around. Same goes for V1’s crafting system. I’m all for new ideas but you guys set the standard in V1 so anything new and “improved” needs to be on top of that success, not in spite of it. I can think of several great ways you could be doing it but V1’s board/crafting is the gold standard.

If V2 had V1’s crafting system and bounty board I would stfu about most issues because they’d become much more tolerable since we, the gamers, would have control instead of being purely at the mercy of bugs and (savage) RNG… because at present, V2’s use of RNG is just the worst kind of casino-grade Skinner box.


I feel that notion.

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My general sentiment towards every patch thus far:


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