Any news about content updates?

Is there any news about content updates coming out anytime soon? I heard a rumor that either the next patch or the patch after that will be a content update adding more cosmetic stuff, but I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m curious about getting more content. I love this game and I’ll probably never get tired of it, but I think it really needs a small content update to generate interest or something.

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The only thing I know is that there is supposed to be a content patch. No idea when, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
I expect like 1 new hat + 1 recolor skin for each career (I really hope that I am wrong, but I don’t expect anything superb anymore)


I think it will probably be more than one hat, there’s a lot of hats for Witch Hunter Saltz and a few helmets for Foot Knight Kruber that were shown in the launch trailer but aren’t actually in the game yet.

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Yeah, but these are already present in Vermintide 1, so I don’t really consider them “new”