New weapon skins?

Hey lads, I just opened this absolute bad boy for kruber and I’ve never seen it before. It looks hella good though.
Dare I say they’ve added some skins? If I’m [redacted] please say so, if I’m not please share your new drops.

PS: it’s a legendary skin, I’ve got the other one too meaning there’s at least two legendary shields now…

At least. I’ve seen two different legendary falchion skins so far

It’s from V1

Hey man, not that I’m aware of. What I do know (from FS’s most recent news letter) is that there will be a content update in april, before the DLC, that will add hats, skins and challenges (whatever challenges may be).

Well then there’s just more of them than I thought.
Also pretty hyped for that update and DLC man. Can’t wait to see what they did with the skins.

Hej Gustav!

Where did you get your information about they going to add skins and hats before the DLC? :open_mouth:
Because if that’s true, I will save up my commendation chests. :slight_smile: Thanks! :+1:

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Thanks. Good to know, good to know… :slight_smile: I hope they don’t change the way of obtaining them, because I won’t open my commendation chests in the next weeks. :joy:

In their newsletter sent earlier this week :slight_smile:

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