CrossPlay F.A.Q

Not giving the Steam users the choice to opt out is a mistake, simply put. I cannot tell you how many times in these types of survivor-shooters I’ve encountered console players who CANNOT FOR ANY REASON HIT A SHOT WITH A PROJECTILE WEAPON. I know it may sound silly, but it is the honest-to-God truth. Back 4 Blood is a perfect example of this-- it is near impossible to complete more difficult stages of the game with console players because they cannot hit their shots to save their lives. I know this will be controversial, but if it ain’t the truth-- I’ll see myself out. I don’t care if people prefer a controller over M&K but the skill and precision gap between the two are MILES and MILES apart. What will happen is there will be an incredible skill inbalance of lobbies and mission success rates will plummet. Do not be suprised if M&K players just straight up leave lobbies because of the presence of console players, or simply kick them as soon as they find out they are using a controller.


For now it’s just pc platforms that can crossplay. But I see what you mean when console is released.

But also I know players are using controller in this game on PC. I can tell when I spectate players.

Hey Fatshark, maybe controller can get an aim assist to match the snappy accuracy of M&K?


already there…

even, I have no problem to play with a GP player using a PC. However, a console player… not the same.

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so when is console getting the game then??


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I have added some updates relating to Xbox crossplay!

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Thanks - but two questions.

#1 It doesn’t say it explicitly, but with crossplay being on XBOX, does that mean XBOX players will be in the same queues/games/lobbies as PC players?

#2 If so, can you also speak to whether there are any anticipated changes to the gameplay (i.e. size/density of hordes) that will change the PC experience when XBOX goes live?

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I have updated it again so that ‘what crossplay entails’ is a bit more explicit. Yes Xbox players will be in the same queue as PC players unless they opt out of crossplay.

There will be no changes to gameplay for PC when Xbox goes live due to crossplay compatibility!


I must say that I am not really enthusiast to team with console players that benefit from aim assist…

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You do realize some people (Myself included) play entirely with controller on PC, right? Lol. It’s not going to magically be worse because a console is involved.

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Off course…

But… this is just my feeling cause an FPS on a console… and I have an Xbox

oh ffs

time to turn off voice chat and get used to failing +)

no , frankly that just sounds silly :wink: i mean why would you choose to do that?

but seriously i know some poeple like to up the difficulty by giving themselves a handicap. But thats got to be rare , its SNAFU for console players.

Please explain why someone on steam can’t opt out?

Brother, do you simply enjoy being a contrarian? Every time I see somebody posting about something, you appear dead-set on taking the most 10th Dentist approach possible.

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Yeah I don’t unterstand the console / controller hate… During the beta I played with controller as well, because there was no invert mouse option and I can’t play without inverting the vertical sight… No way… And playing with controller was very chilling and much better compared to another shooter games on console … So imo not that much of an disadvantage compared to M&K player… DT isnt Counter strike

Do I have to answer?

  1. I express a feeling
  2. Someone asks me if that I have think that there is already players using controllers
  3. I say that he is right but that is my feeling.

Where did I contradict someone?

No hate… only fear…

Hmm but fear of what?

Aiming issue’s?

Performance issue’s?

Aiming issue…
But mainly cause I’ve never succeeded to play an FPS on a console…

Anyways… we won’t be able to know if a player uses a controller or no… so does not matter.

Wait … so what you are saying is that xbox players can opt out but PC players can’t?
What sort of scuffed logic is this now …


lol i skipped playing altogether because of that no invert mouse, i did try to use a controlller but … yeah

it is simply impossible to match or come within reasonable approximation of a mouse for aiming accuracy or speed with the 2? 3? stage stick on a controller , its an absolute massive handicap.

we do know this for a fact because of how they had to change the design of shooters when they started making them for consoles, there are a lot of youtube documentories that go into from people like bungie tryarch etc.

the tldr version , its why ADS is a thing, they have to limit the verticality of spawns and make the majority of stuff spawn in a small window ahead of the player see how the design of games like quake had to change for COD. and of course they have to add in an aimbot …

personally im willing to carry controlelr users its no big thing my big issue with being thrown in with xbox users is having to turn off voice, as they all have those crackling turned up to 11 jank mic’s that i guess come with the console? they all seem to have screaming children fighting parents and sbe shouting various racial/sexual slurs while eating cheetos with the mics in thier actual mouths , if i wanted to hear that crap id call my family!

did you miss speak or is that how it is? because thats a big tall glass of WTF right there :wink: