Community Comm-link 15th June 2023


This is Catfish, Darktide Community Manager, here with another comm-link update! We established these comm-links to answer some of the community’s questions and to give information about upcoming patches.

Patch #11: Cross-play, Blessing Balancing and New Condition

Our next patch (1.1.10), which we will deploy at the end of June - early July, will include a few blessing balancing changes as well as a new condition dubbed “Elite Resistance” which will spawn fewer but tougher enemies. Throneside missions (Enclavum Baross & Comms Plex 154/2f) will also be affected by the Power Supply Interruption condition.

In addition, we are preparing to roll out cross-play between the Microsoft Store and Steam, which should align with Patch #11’s release or shortly thereafter. We will be monitoring closely how cross-play fares in stability and performance. Should there be any issues, our team will stay on top of things and chart a path to ensure a smoother experience.

Most importantly, as part of this, all players may be required to rename their account.

A full FAQ for cross-play will be added to the Fatshark Website, Forums and the Darktide Discord, but here are some answers to some preliminary questions you may have:

  • Steam: Players can matchmake, add friends, and join players from Steam and the Microsoft Store, in our Cross-Network Servers. Players cannot opt out of cross-play.

  • MS Store: Players can matchmake, add friends, and join players from Steam and the Microsoft Store, in our Cross-Network Servers. Players can opt out of cross-play through their Microsoft account settings.

  • Cross Progression: Players can NOT currently move their progress from one platform to another.

  • Cross Commerce: Players can NOT move their DLCs (such as Imperial Edition) from one platform to another.

  • Cross VC: Players can NOT currently move their Aquilas from one platform to another.

Community Feedback

The team continues to review some of the top issues (areas of feedback) that we see. Most notably, the desire for more agency in things like account based currencies, perk refinements, adjustments to crafting locks and options on the mission board. We are not ready to announce anything concrete yet, but stay tuned. We will share more details on our next steps during summer. What is important to know is that any upcoming changes aren’t the end of the journey in those areas, rather the beginning as we continue to evolve Darktide.


We know it’s been a while since we have spoken about our Xbox release - we are still working on this and really excited about launching on Xbox!! Stay tuned for more information on a release date.

That is it for this week, we will have more information to share about Patch #11 when we will get closer to its deployment. Worth noting, the cadence of the commlinks will change due to Swedish vacations. We will keep informing you about Patch #11 before taking a small break until the second half of July.

We wish you all a happy summer (in the Hive city)!


Short, but sweet. A good comm-link.

In before “You didn’t mention XYZ! Shame on you Fatshark!”. :joy:


“Throneside missions (Enclavum Baross & Comms Plex 154/2f)” - But not Sycorax? Poor.
“We are not ready to announce anything concrete yet, but stay tuned.” - I guess you still havent learned yet, that we DO NOT CARE about your maybe. Just say yes already and lets get this over with.


These 5 lines took 3 weeks to write and bring us nothing but “maybe something will work soon”. Really sad.


Why is this so f-cking difficult I dont understand. This ISNT a pay to win game (pay to progress by old name) like WoT or War Thunder.
YOUR F-CKING model ISNT based on people progressing as slow as possible so they cough up money, THERE IS ZERO reason for the item system to be this ass and YET you have nothing to say after SIX MONTHS of silence.

I know that you Catfish are not to blame my anger is squarely aimed the at company, bu holy sh-t this is bad


Yet another nothing burger. Makes you wonder if this game ever sees actual work being done on it. New subclass every quarter sounds like a joke now.


Fingers crossed crossplay works out, I wonder how the matchmaking on MS Store looks like now lol


Keep Talking Idris Elba GIF


Ye its not like we give coherent and solid feedback for over half a year now and for that same period fatshark didnt respont to it ONCE

And now they say “oh sorry there is a feedback lol, maybe we will read it later bb”


“We hear you and we’re talking about it”


I’ll admit, this is marginally better than I expected.

Slow as a glaciers progress, mind you, but progress nonetheless. Well done!

(Just to add clarity, I imagined this comm-link having a few lines of balance changes and pictures of new cosmetics, and that would be all)


They already can have the Power Supply interruption. This comment in the Comm Link is just meaning to say the bug with those missions was fixed and they will be back online now.

What are you guys exactly agitated about?
They even mentioned >The Thing<. They’re just trying to tease you about it because their changes aren’t final yet, they finish up crossplay first. That’s how the Comm Link reads.

Sheesh you guys.


People are mad because concretely responding to feedback isn’t actually hard to write.

Fatshark should have signalled what they’re going to do months ago. That they still can’t seem to do it and continue to dangle potential changes in front of the player base is either an insult or a sign of severe incompetence.


My Emperor, did they actual acknowledge crafting locks, and agency ?..

is the armor starting to crack?

Are they finally realizing that gating gear behind layer upon layer of RNG is incredibly lame?

I remain cautiously optimistic.


They had over 6 months to do something. What a twisted fuzcking brain do you have that after 6 months you are jumping with joy and defend them for saying “lol maybe, probably not kek get fuccked”
Who hurt you, that you suck off a company that just wants your money?


Glad to see blessings, perks, and crafting being talked about. Even if it’s just future plans.

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thanks for the update @Fatshark

can i urge u guys to not make it less elites. make it more elites with more hp if u want but this game needs more elites. thats a big problem already, too many trash mobs and never any real challenge. i know you hate to hear it but just vermintide it. give us vanguard. stop babying us. create a difficulty that will be so hard to beat, it will be a fun grind


Translation from FatShark to REJETS

This commlink & Next patch:

Now the almost 3k steam playerbase can play with the nonexisting(?) microsoft sotre playerbase… Ohh we also made some backend database number crunching & shenanigans ssoooo some old stuff might be looks shiny and new so might be we wont bleed soo much chas shop whale… i mean players

We finaly noticed your buzz about our intended design commitment… LOOOL… we dont decidet yet to print and frame it or just make a sitton of paper airplanes…

Until 3-4 NEXT WEEK See yaall :kiss: Smooch :kiss:


Still nothing about solo mod… can we have something ?


Cross play is a good news, I guess.

Aside from that, you’re saying least 6 more months? That’s fine, I guess. Back to playing other games.

And they did a ton of things in those 6 months. We got:
→ Better Performance
→ Bugfixes
→ Crashfixes
→ 3 new maps
→ a truckload full of weapons
→ Balance changes
→ New Voicelines
→ New Cosmetics (free and paid)
→ New Penances

And now we will also get soon:
→ Crossplay (this was asked for a lot)
→ More meaningful changes to Blessings
→ Potentially something with crafting

Looks pretty sizable to me, but ok.