CrossPlay F.A.Q

Here is a short F.A.Q to tackle some of the common questions on our new Crossplay feature! If you have any further questions pertaining to Crossplay that are not covered by this F.A.Q then please ask below.

When will Crossplay be available?

After the patch, it takes a few hours for players to be migrated to the new version. Once all players are on the updated version we will enable Crossplay, so don’t worry if you can’t see it before then!

Crossplay for Xbox will be available upon its release on October 4th.

What does Crossplay entail?

On Steam: Players can matchmake, add friends, and join players from Steam and the Microsoft Store, in our Cross-Network Servers. Players cannot opt out of Crossplay.

On the MS Store and Xbox Series X|S: Players can matchmake, add friends, and join players from all supported networks (Steam and XBL), in our Cross-Network Servers. Players can opt in/out of this feature via the account settings, in which case they will matchmake, add friends and join players only within XBL servers.

Cross Progression/ Commerce

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide supports Xbox Play Anywhere (XPA). This means that whether you have purchased Warhammer 40,000: Darktide on the Microsoft Store OR on Xbox it’s yours to play both on Xbox and Windows 10/11 PC. Your in-game progress will carry over alongside DLCs (such as Imperial Edition), in-game items (including those unlocked with virtual currency) and Aquilas across both platforms.

Currently Steam players cannot move their progress, DLCs (such as Imperial Edition) or Aquilas from one platform to another.

Account Name

When launching the game for the first time after the update (through Steam or the Microsoft Store) you may be prompted to rename your Fatshark account if it doesn’t meet the criteria.
Here are the specifications for your new account name:

  • Your account name must be between 3 and 18 characters.
  • Use only unicode alphanumeric and, - _ . ’ special characters.
  • First and second characters can not be a numeric or special character.
  • The account name cannot end with a special character.
  • Your account name cannot include any offensive words.
  • Your account name cannot include spaces.

If your new account name is in violation of any of these specifications we may require you to rename your Fatshark account again.

Adding Friends on Steam

  • Head to the Social tab in game and press ‘Q’ to find your Fatshark account Friend code. You can then give this code to players on the other network who can enter it to add you as a friend.

Question: Is the intention for cross play to work with console versions too, such that XBox players would be in the same servers and games as PC players?


Works like a charm (so far). Thx!

All difficulties, all maps I can find ppl. to play with … so different than before (Game Pass)


Is it possible to easily disable cross-play completely?

It’s in the FAQ. (see below)

What the hell?

So how exactly do you matchmake with specific people?

If you have a friend on GamePass trying the game and want to join with your steam account how exactly does that work?

On Social, you can hit Q (I think) which will show you your FriendID.
=> Clicking on it will put it on the clipboard
=> Send it to your friends
=> They can paste it into the text box there to find you

(Wrote this off the top of my head so might not be 100% accurate, but you get the gist of it :stuck_out_tongue: )

@FatsharkCatfish might be worth putting a short tutorial on how to use the crossplay friend search into the FAQ. Took me a few minutes to notice the quick-key thingy at the bottom of the screen. :wink:

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Here’s an idea, how about you have these criteria presented to people in the game when you force them to rename their account, instead of keeping it vague. Another idea, let me rename my account on the website where I access everything else. ANOTHER idea, send users an email notifying them of these changes and the need to up date accouhnt names.

Honestly, who the **** makes these decisions over at Fatshark?


If I wanted to try Darktide on Gamepass free trial and end up buying it on Steam when the trial runs out how does that affect my “Fatshark Account”? Is the account name shared if I use it with both services? Do I need a new account if I move to Steam? Any other weirdness I haven’t considered that might happen? Thanks

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Not giving the Steam users the choice to opt out is a mistake, simply put. I cannot tell you how many times in these types of survivor-shooters I’ve encountered console players who CANNOT FOR ANY REASON HIT A SHOT WITH A PROJECTILE WEAPON. I know it may sound silly, but it is the honest-to-God truth. Back 4 Blood is a perfect example of this-- it is near impossible to complete more difficult stages of the game with console players because they cannot hit their shots to save their lives. I know this will be controversial, but if it ain’t the truth-- I’ll see myself out. I don’t care if people prefer a controller over M&K but the skill and precision gap between the two are MILES and MILES apart. What will happen is there will be an incredible skill inbalance of lobbies and mission success rates will plummet. Do not be suprised if M&K players just straight up leave lobbies because of the presence of console players, or simply kick them as soon as they find out they are using a controller.

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For now it’s just pc platforms that can crossplay. But I see what you mean when console is released.

But also I know players are using controller in this game on PC. I can tell when I spectate players.

Hey Fatshark, maybe controller can get an aim assist to match the snappy accuracy of M&K?


already there…

even, I have no problem to play with a GP player using a PC. However, a console player… not the same.

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so when is console getting the game then??


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I have added some updates relating to Xbox crossplay!

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Thanks - but two questions.

#1 It doesn’t say it explicitly, but with crossplay being on XBOX, does that mean XBOX players will be in the same queues/games/lobbies as PC players?

#2 If so, can you also speak to whether there are any anticipated changes to the gameplay (i.e. size/density of hordes) that will change the PC experience when XBOX goes live?

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I have updated it again so that ‘what crossplay entails’ is a bit more explicit. Yes Xbox players will be in the same queue as PC players unless they opt out of crossplay.

There will be no changes to gameplay for PC when Xbox goes live due to crossplay compatibility!


I must say that I am not really enthusiast to team with console players that benefit from aim assist…

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