When will DarkTide be cross-platform (Steam and MS)

Hi; I would be very keen to play this game with other people that have bought the game on steam.

I’m playing this game with Xbox game pass and have spent a fair amount of time leveling characters and would really appreciate playing the game with my friends from Steam now.

Could you please tell us fatshark when this feature will be implemented. Should really be implemented ASAP !


This has already been addressed, and unfortunately while it’s something they’re interested in doing it’s not a high priority and isn’t something we can necessarily expect. MS puts pretty serious requirements on PC gamepass games (like running the same build as XBox, see: how pc gamepass doesn’t or didn’t support the same graphics settings as the steam builds)

Thats not the latest news concerning crossplay.
In this Community Update published on the 30th of November 2022 they wrote: "Will crossplay and cross-save be available?
We see the value in cross-play and cross-save and fully intend to support cross-play shortly after launch. Cross-save is more complex to execute and still being investigated."
So I hope crossplay will be available soon, if not that would be a real shame.
Community Update #4: Darktide Launches

DRG devs mentioned that it’s not something you can add in post-release, I presume it’s an entirely different server-matchfinding-client architecture, so I’m wondering if they’re just trying to postpone the outrage about it never coming out.
Remember the Vermintide dedicated servers promise? They just let people give up and forget it over the years, it was better for marketing than saying it’s been cancelled.

Has anyone heard any news from this since the ‘Rejects Unite’ update??

it needs to release on console like promised before worrying about that

There was another thread recently, where this came up as well Here
TLDR: It looks like they’re getting there, but no date was mentioned.