Steam/Game Pass crossplay is coming "soon"

The latest drop for Darktide offers new content, including new missions, a new enemy, a revamped earnable cosmetics shop, and Crossplay, which will be rolled out slowly over the next few weeks.

Crossplay support is expected to be available soon, as indicated by Fatshark. We’ve contacted them in an attempt to ascertain a specific launch date for it. Once available, players using either Steam, Microsoft Windows Store, or Game Pass should be able to participate in gameplay together.

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God forbid they put that in the Comm Link. You know, the thing they made to talk about stuff like this?

It’s actually Calm Link, the goal is to chill you out rather than convey information per se. Best enjoyed with some bossa nova or lo-fi jazz

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Hey man I’m sure those and Vs are coming any minute now.

Obviously they mean soon in geological terms

Hope this is true. Did i miss something in the comm link content

“Rolled out slowly”? How do you slowly roll out a feature like Crossplay? It’s not like there’s gonna be anything incremental over on the user side of things, either I can play with my friends on the other platform or I can’t.

Yeah it’s about time… This feature is much more needed than crafting improvements imo… But it’s just me I think… But I think Crossplay will be added when (at all) they release darktide on xbox (someday)

I wish it were. To be honest it’s entirely possible that they are getting crossplay with the Windows Store done first before they can get the Xbox version working.

Just replying to tag this. I was (am I guess) Xbox live based. For months have only popped into the forums every few weeks to search ‘crossplay’, haven’t opened the game in months. Really hope this is true.


So it really was the triple C.
->Chaos Spawn


It would be the sensible course of action, since Xbox and Gamepass have crossplay while Steam doesn’t.

If they do it, all three versions will be linked and playable with each other.

Patch is out but no crossplay …

yup as per usual Player base split on PC so Im stuck playing with 2 groups again. Its nice to know they planning to start releasing skins on cash shop again instead of PC crossplay not even asking for crossplay between console and PC but at very least PC crossplay would nice. But guess fatshark gotta eat to be fat.