Patch #11


Here are the patch notes for patch #11 that just went live!

New Feature: Cross Play

With this update Darktide introduces Cross Play between Steam and MS Store! We will rollout CrossPlay soon after the update goes Live, and closely monitor our servers for a couple of days. If we detect any needed improvements, we may disable it temporarily to further work on it. Please find more details in our CrossPlay FAQ

New Condition: Elite Resistance

With Elite Resistance, fewer but stronger enemies are spawned. It also changes Specialists’ spawns to be more opportunistic and makes hordes more dangerous on the few occasions they spawn. All of these changes create a very different gameplay loop that is more slow and tactical but very punishing if players make mistakes.

Updated mission: Enclavum Baross

The enemy has fortified the end of Enclavum Baross in hopes of providing more of a challenge. Not to worry, Morrow has sent Masozi to provide some much-needed backup.

  • Enemies now come from new directions and are more varied.
  • Cover positions have been changed.
  • Added more environmental storytelling.

Blessing Changes:

We have done an overhaul for how the following blessings trigger in-game. Previously, we have triggered stacks for these based on a set amount of shots fired, causing problems for weapons with heavy variations in clip size. We have changed this to an x% of total magazine size fired instead, ensuring that no matter what weapon variant or ammo stat you have, you’ll always be able to reach the 5th stack. You can find these new intervals below.

Blaze Away

  • Triggers every 10% of magazine spent during continuous fire.


  • Triggers every 10% of magazine spent during continuous fire.
  • Adjusted values:
    • Tier 1: +2% Critical Chance, stacking 5 times (up from 1%)
    • Tier 2: +3% Critical Chance, stacking 5 times (up from 2%)
    • Tier 3: +4% Critical Chance, stacking 5 times (up from 3%)
    • Tier 4: +5% Critical Chance, stacking 5 times (up from 4%).

Ceaseless Barrage

  • Triggers every 2.5% of magazine spent during continuous fire.
  • Adjusted values:
    • +10% Increased Suppression, stacking 5 times (up from 2%).

Inspiring Barrage

  • Changed bonus from adding Toughness Regeneration to adding a set amount of Toughness Replenished, similarly to melee kills.
  • Triggers every 15% of magazine spent during continuous fire.
  • Adjusted values:
    • Tier 4: +4% Toughness Regained, stacking 5 times.

Roaring Advance

  • Triggers every 5% of magazine spent during continuous fire.
  • Now only affects movement while braced, with increased movement speed to compensate.
  • Adjusted values:
    • Tier 1: +18% Movement Speed, stacking 5 times
    • Tier 2: +20% Movement Speed, stacking 5 times
    • Tier 3: +22% Movement Speed, stacking 5 times
    • Tier 4: +24% Movement Speed, stacking 5 times

Weapon Tweaks:

Recon lasguns

  • Increased base damage ranges from 30-54 to 40-64.*

Ogryn slab shield
Dev Note: “The Slab Shield gets a touch-up on the numbers side this patch, pending a more involved rework. There is an ongoing effort to bring a wider range of playstyles into a more relevant position within the meta, where the tankiness and control that personifies the shield is in focus. We wanted to bring the Slab shield up in effectiveness in the meantime with some proper increases in damage output. We’ll return in the future with wider changes that should make the weapon special more interesting and make tanking for your team more appreciated.”

  • Cleaned up some stagger override directions to make enemy control a bit more predictable.
  • Push follow-up attack:
    • Changed hit zone priority to favor headshots while also increasing base finesse damage bonus from +25% to +50%*
    • Increased damage base range from 100-180 to 150-270. *
  • Heavy attacks:
    • Increased heavy attack base damage range from 100-180 to 150-270*
    • Increased cleave damage and ensure damage falloff never goes to 0 (now does 15-27 damage minimum against all targets hit).*
  • First 2 light attacks:
    • Increased first target damage ranges from 75-95 to 80-144*
    • Increased stagger Impact vs cleaved targets 2 to 4 by about +20% to toss the hordes around some more*
    • Increased cleave damage and ensure damage falloff never goes to 0 (now does 15-27 damage minimum against all targets hit).*

Stub Revolver

  • Increased base Maniac damage on close-far from 75%-50% to 100%-80%.
  • Increased base damage range from 200-360 to 250-450.*
  • Increased base finesse bonus from +50% to +100%, increasing weakspot multipliers from ~1.35 to ~1.7.*

Bug fixes

Archivum Sycorax

  • Fixed a number of Scripture and Grimoire locations.
  • Fixed a location in the end event of Archivum Sycorax where players could get caught in the hangledge when attempting to help their team members.
  • Fixed additional locations with misplaced hangledges.
  • Fixed some pickup locations that were misaligned.
  • Fixed issues with lighting transitions.

Ascension Riser 31

  • Fixed navigation issues causing enemies to clip through objects.
  • Removed one of two respawn points that were too close to each other.
  • Fixed some misaligned hangledges.
  • Fixed a pickup which was previously unobtainable by players.
  • Fixed navigation in Ascension Riser 31 that caused hounds to be unable to reach players that were standing in a certain location.

Comms-Plex 154/2f

  • Fixed a location in the end event area of Comms-Plex 154/2f where players could end up inside the geometry of a unit.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would get stuck behind the door leading up to the end event.
  • Fixed a sound issue with the Valkyrie.
  • Fixed an issue on Comms-Plex 154/2f where enemies would navigate through a barrier.

Excise Vault Spireside-13

  • Fixed case where bots would walk off the ledge when trying to save the player near the cargo elevator.
  • Fixed instances of faulty shading environment blends.
  • Fixed an issue with the objective not disappearing correctly if players pressed the button to open the mid-event door too quickly.
  • Moved Grimoire location in Excise Vault Spireside-13 from behind a minion-only door.

Power Matrix HL-17-36

  • Fixed a spot halfway through Power Matrix HL-17-36 where players could exit the intended gameplay space.

Refinery Delta-17

  • Fixed a faulty hangledge.
  • Added missing hangledges.
  • Moved respawn point that was clipping through geometry.
  • Removed invisible collision in Refinery Delta-17, which prevented players from reaching a seemingly accessible area.

Relay Station TRS-150

  • Fixed navigation issues causing enemies to clip through the extraction Valkyrie.
  • Fixed chest which prevented players from collecting the scriptures spawning in it.
  • Fixed so that throwing a battery from the highest point in Relay Station TRS-150 no longer respawns the battery in the mid-event arena.
  • Fixed a respawn spot where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed network synchronization for the mid-event fan’s animation when players hot join during the mid-event.
  • Added a respawn point in the final dish room.

Other Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from changing loadouts in the Mission Ready screen.
  • Fixed cases where Chaos Spawn could throw players through walls.
  • Fixed Boss health bars not showing up after being revived.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scanning using an Auspex.
  • Fixed an issue where hogtied (respawned) players could trigger enemies to spawn in event areas before the rest of the team had arrived.
  • Added set locations for Tomes and Grimoires that reset on a weekly basis.***
  • Fixed issue while using weapon special on Braced Autoguns while bracing wouldn’t sync crosshair and animation properly.
  • Fixed issue where weapon blessing “Slaughterer” could be triggered by grenades or damage over time effects like fire. It should now only be triggered by melee kills by the weapon with the blessing.
  • Fixed a rare server crash that could occur when players switched loadout and left the server at an inopportune time.
  • Fixed a bug where sliding into corners you can’t stand up in would get you stuck.
  • Fixed some minor clipping issues in the Psykhanium.
  • Fixed issue that could cause elevators to be inoperable.
  • Added UI window that displays when a player is already being helped by another player.
  • Servo skull now gets an objective marker for players if they get too far away while scanning is active.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause interaction progress not to update properly in the UI.
  • Decals should no longer project on top of luggable units.
  • Added sound when smashing candles.
  • Fixed an issue where blood could turn black.
  • Fixed an issue where distance planes would all have the same distance on AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue where alpha clipping assets could turn into rainbows on AMD GPUs.
  • Improved image quality and performance with XeSS.
  • When selecting Borderless Fullscreen as the screen mode, the resolution setting will now be locked out as it cannot be changed.
  • Toggling between Fullscreen and Windowed modes via the Alt+Enter shortcut, will update the settings menu appropriately.
  • Changed bots so that they spawn with higher tier cosmetics, increased health and more wounds when playing at higher difficulties.**

*Edited after posting
**Added missing line on June 29.
*** Added missing line on 4th July.


~10 bullets for 1 stack on Heavy Stubber, are you mad?

~15 bullets for ~4 Toughness on Heavy Stubber?!


It would be so cool to have unlimited levels instead of having to download a mod. Anyways, thanks I guess.


Inspiring barrage going from useless to slightly less useless, neat


Some love for the recon is nice - have to test if it’s enough to be viable now on heresy and/or damnation.

The slabshield sounds a lot more usable now - thanks!


No changes to pinning fire, brutal momentum, or slaughterer? Big, big oof.


Obligatory request to add a permanent hi shock troop gauntlet mission in rotation for damnation at all times.


The recons werent bad before tbh they just go through ammo too quickly


I noticed when in the weapon/curio store, the item ratings no longer show in the list



Break The Locks. Remove the silos.

Good buffs to the weapons, keep them coming.

Where’s the announced Darkness Missions in Enclavum?


This is a fairly effective nerf to Purgatus staves.


This one is great, hope for Smelter last event changes too.


Thank you for this patch… I will have to look at revolver to see if that change makes it good to use.
Same for recon lasgun.

Other changes look really good. Fix for changing loadouts is very welcomed.


still no eviscerator buffs :frowning:


true - but higher damage means less ammo per target ^^

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Out of interest, what changes would you like to see to the Smelter end event?


dead island/l4d2 tier gore update when fatshark as well as the other things we’ve been saying for the past near 7 months

Stubb revolver buff looks nice tho, would love any of the recon lasguns to have stopping power cheers (Or maybe you should give us the scab stalker lasguns so I can stop mashing lmb with the kantraels)

Would love Melk changes pleaseeee, I’m sick to death of chasing ranged scab/dreg kills just turn it into scab and dreg kills so I can stop asking people every game to please pull out their guns and shoot them when all they wanna do is melee, oh also change no player deaths because that one is so insanely agitating I spend 100k aka all my ordo dockets rerolling it away (maybe as well remove the reroll costs because I’m always out OF MONEY)

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After the 3 daemonic exuberances have been destroyed, the “survive the horde” that ensues before the exit door opens is unchallenging and too long, so I would suggest either to shorten it, or increase its difficulty maybe with more elite/specials spawns?


When will the new modifier be on the board?