New weapons pack + solving javelin and throwing axe problem

Hi again! Straight to what I want to say: A lot of people, including me, find it unfair that throwing javelin is so much better than throwing axe. I was thinking of a solution, and instead of redesigning the entire throwing axe system, it might be better to give Bardin another throwing weapon. But again, it would be unfair if only Bardin got a new weapon… Making new weapons for everyone is a lot of work, so I came up with an ingenious solution: What about to make just new weapon combinations! No new models and textures would have to be made, each character would get a new weapon, the whole thing would be packaged in a package called something like “New weapon combinations”, which would be sold cheaply. Players would be happy for new weapons, devs would make money, everyone would be happy. I made some pictures as I would have imagined it.

First Bardin: I think hammer and throwing axe would be really wonderful. And there should definitely be an illusion named “Snorri’s Legacy.” It could only be used by OE and Slayer.

A combination of shield and axe would not be a bad thing for an elf. SotT could finally be support with that.

For Kruber, just two swords.

And for Saltzpyre, two falchions.

I can’t create a picture for Sienna, but flaming flail and shield or two crowbills will be really cool for her.

That’s all from me, death to rats!

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In my opinion, javelins need nerfs to their ranged damage, stagger, and cleave. Throwing axes really aren’t bad. Javelins are just overpowered. Also giving throwing axes melee attacks would make a lot of sense.


Well the only thing the secondary fire for the throwing axe does is reduce the drop and increase the cleave. This should really be the default throw and a couple melee attacks thrown in, but more overhead focused to make it different from a one hand axe. Throw in a heavy attack that breaks shields and does armor damage to super armor too. Suddenly it would be one of the better ranged weapons and open up a slayer esque play style for Ranger since there are some appeals to Throwing Axes with him currently (like their synergy with Master of Improvisation, you can throw down smoke bombs constantly as every axe throw procs it).

As for new weapons I’d like a arbalest for Kruber since he really needs something new for his ranged. It would have a slow reload like a rifle but heavy piercing bolts that could ignore armor completely and decimate stacks of lined up enemies. I also like the idea of a pistol/cutlass combo I’ve seen floated around this board, where the secondary fire controls cutlass attacks instead and your main fire the pistol. Still compliments his melee theme while finally giving him new ranged. On Bardin an axe/melee combo seems like just about the only thing you could give him GW would OK beyond some more dwarf range weapons from lore or some other two hander that is a mishmash of an axe and hammer. Such is life for the dawi. GW released a miniature of a witch hunter templar with a rifle that had an underbarrel stake launcher, obviously there is a lot of potential for a Victor weapon here. I shudder at the prospect of any future elf weapons with the state of what we’ve gotten in just the last few months. Sienna could always use more fire in her melee movesets, like why not an actual staff but you beat enemies with it instead and it’s focused on inflicting burn and long reach.

I did some polls a month ago and those are the result:
Kruber: Need to be a ranged weapon

Bardin: Melee or Doomseeker (Axe on chains, which technically never had the requirement of being a Slayer to use), Bardin technically has most of his weapon already and should soon start getting variant of his already preset weapon

Kerrilian: Melee (Take into account I’ve forgot the Shielded option) and from either of the elfs faction (vote was equal on it)

Saltzpyre: Melee or Melee/shield

Sienna: Melee (With either: Ranged Special or Support or nothing)

As for the weapon pack there, they are kind of cheap/lazy, like Bardin’s is just a copied H&H and A&A mixed together (then they could even introduce a reversed A&H (H&A)

Bardin’s Doomseeker: Second Slot weapon, work as a pseudo-ranged and has a wide arc of hit but is weak against armour (Available for Slayer 100%, OE 50%, Ranger 50%, IronB 25%)

Kruber’s Cavalry Set: Second Slot weapon, Either 2 Pistol (Like Saltz’s BoP) or a Pistol and a Cav. Sword (Like Saltz’s Flail) but still with an ammo counter, letting you use you pistol for greater damage than the Flail’s one

Kruber’s Arbalest: Second Slot weapon, the heaviest Crossbow in the game, take some time to reload and give a mov. debuff but devastating Damage and penetration

Kruber’s Grenade Launcher Blunderbuss: Second Slot weapon, Like the TH Torpedoes, low ammo count but instead of being very hard hitting it’s a bigger AoE (Or his could do less damage but have more ammo)

Kerrilian’s Draich/Exe. Sword: First Slot Weapon, work like Kruber’s Executioner sword

Kerillian’s Asrai Spear(With Sword): First Slot Weapon, A Wood Elf Spear, very spinny and agressive

Kerillian’s Halberd: A Halberd, what else can I say :{

Kerillain’s Beastmaster Spear: First Slot Weapon, A Spear and a whip, used to control beasts in Karond Kar

Saltz’ Sword and Buckler: First Slot Weapon, a weapon set very much dependent on countering people

Saltz’s Hammer: First Slot Weapon, Would most likely come if the Warrior Priest Career happen

Salt’s Hochland Rifle: Second Slot weapon, basically a Sniper for the Empire, very hard hitting but it has a slow reload time (Also Head Shot focus)

Saltz’s Comet Flail: First Slot Weapon, a Two handed Flail with 2 heads, still does what a flail does but is heavier

Sienna’s option are more difficult to say so it’s easier if you look in the linked topics

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I want to see this. But all of it would be hard work. I focused on easily doable pack of weapons.

Yes, the Doomseeker would be a hard weapon to make but oh so great,and it’s one of the last really different weapon that the Dawi still have, otherwise they should invent weapons or look into older editions for variants of currently present weapons


Spent a lot of time in my previous Chaos Waste game spamming throwing axes and picking them up in order to increase cooldown speed for free Morgrim’s bomb.

Worked surprisingly well on Cataclysm and having 50% more radius on grenade was awesome. Gameplay was looking at a pillar or the ground while spamming the axes / picking them up at the same time - was kinda silly but hey I got a bunch of them Green Circles that people love to talk about so win?

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