Change throwing-axe like javelin of SotT

Using javelin i´ve think that would be more interesting for slayer and ranger change mechanics of throwing-axes and do the same as javelin.

En this case throwing-axe can had same attacks and damage profiles as 1h axe, but if you aim with rmb, you can shoot it same as javelin.

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Largely unnecessary, considering the sheer amount of power that the Rune Axes bring to the table. They’re a very, VERY powerful ranged option, capable of cleaving through hordes, whittling down monsters, and are just made better by their infinite ammo.

Meanwhile, the new Javelin is pretty great at being a hybrid, providing a decent single target damage output, a bleed on the last strike, and a super fast attack rate. I feel they’re balanced well for their own things, and other than that, making them identical would just remove their flavor.

That’s interesting. Rarely seen any Cata and up players view it as anything more than a meme. It’s an objectively poor choice on RV who has infinite ammo anyway and better dps with any other ranged weapon, and for Slayer you have to sacrifice one of your strongest talent rows to use it.

It absolutely needs help in my book, it’s not vaguely competitive on either of the classes that can use it.


I really like playing with Throwing axes but they struggle hard on Cata+ when elites become bulky enough to take an axe and keep on coming. It don’t know if my memory is faulty but it feels like they were made a lot clunkier to retrieve since Chaos Wastes.


I suppose that’s fair, I play on Legend and haven’t run on Cata at all at this point. Working on building up my gear to get there, though.

I mostly use it on RV myself, good for boss killing and horde clearing, not too great at specials.

I like the javelin as it is - giving it good piercing and stagger seems unique, along with having the melee attacks. Though I agree that Throwing Axes aren’t very good. They are, however, very fun imo.

Javelin stats put Throwing axes to shame.
Fire rates: 0.5+0.45backswing vs Throwing axes 0.35+0.3[Light] 65+0.55[Charged]
Reload Times: 0.7 for a single javelin, 1s if held. Axes have 1.2 reload wind up before loading every 0.55
1.6 Finesse multiplier vs 1
No damage falloff at range for Javelin, Axes lose 37.5% damage and 25% more on armour
Javelin Cleaves twice as much as charged axes (Axe lights do not cleave any unit)
Superior Projectiles speed 7000 and lesser gravity vs 3500/5000
Axes can be picked up which often doesn’t happen because of the 1second pickup delay on landing and the very nature of throwing them.
Axes have better close range armour multipliers for armour and frenzy, 0.8 & 1.3 vs 0.7 & 1.1
Not to mention Elf Careers being full of power boosting talents.


Yeah no. Bardin’s throwing axes are pure trash. You sacrifice being a melee powerhouse (2h power talent) for being a mediocre ranged career. Really the only point of range (on bardin and most other classes who aren’t purely range focused) is to snipe specials. Slayer does perfectly fine vs elites and patrols. RV has access to many better ranged weapons.

TL;DR - throwing axes are indeed a meme weapon and aren’t even comparable to javelins to any appreciable degree.


I think it would be better if they can deal some damage on the way back to his hand. At least that wouldn’t be a copy paste of Javelin and it would be neat to throw an axe into a horde, kill a few and then summon it back killing some more on the way.

edit: That or they deal some damage when being wrenched out of a target.

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IMO they just need all their animations sped up a bit. The damn things are just too slow and clunky at the moment.

This is probably stretching it a bit, but if they could count as both a 1h and 2h weapon for the purpose of Slayer’s 2nd talent row that would go a long way to making them a good pick for him, since he would then have access to enough AS/Power to make them worthwhile with their current speed.


Don’t forget that axes fly in this awkward ark that makes them hardly a ranged option.
Frankly I’d like to see alternative action employed for both these weapons:
axes could get a swing whereas javelins some quick toss or something.

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I definetely agree, that Axes need faster animations.
They can perform “alright” if you get used to them, but even then, you will often find yourself unable to retrieve them when you REALLY need them.

As for the talent part…
I think his lvl 10 talents just need a complete overhaul to begin with. It’s basically an entire row taken by 1 talent split in three.

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Hard agree, throwing axes are stupidly slow and hard to aim with, while javelin are super fast and easy to land headshots with. Being able to melee with the javelin adds insult to injury as it transforms Kerillian into a slayer on every career.

There is neither problem nor shame with having the same weapons on different characters (greatsword, 1H axe, 1h sword, handgun, crossbow, …).

Javelins feel great to use, throwing axes feel clunky. Their main problem is that they are super slow, but aiming with them is also not intuitive at all.


Requesting for Javelin and ThrowingAxe falling more in line with each other is definitely valid, but before that happens Jav needs to be adjusted downwards.

Its melee damage is far too high, and the crit/headshot multiplayer of 1.6 equals a hidden “if you crit it dies” passive. Javs cleave is also far beyond reasonable. Its about three times as much as a Handguns.

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I think that both of these weapons are the wrong infinite ammo kind of weapons and that their retrieval should take a lot longer. Not even going to go into the moonbow.

aka nerf javelin, already too strong, moonbow is second offender :stuck_out_tongue:

How? Longbow outsnipes and out dps javelins. Javelins need significant power investment to headshot kill a SV or packmaster on Cata. Lower body shot dps to boot. Moonbow is on another plane of existence to javelins, you shouldn’t compare them.

Only thing overtuned about javelins is their cleave IMO, which absolutely does need to be reduced.


Its literally way better in nearly all option than throwing axe, something is not right here

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Yes, because throwing axes are objectively bad compared to just about every single ranged weapon. Is longbow overtuned? If not, then neither are javelins in every way except cleave.


The whole charging feature of throwing axes should be tossed if the Javelin is going to exist. Give them their charged flight speed and cleave on every throw, replace the charging with a light combo like the 1H axe but a little faster to balance out the lack of block. And like others said allow it to at least qualify as a 1H weapon for some use on the slayer since dual melee weapons and his mobility will always dominate. I would also make them glow and have a much wider hit box for collecting and no initial delay so it stands out as it’s positive feature vs the jav.

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