Change throwing-axe like javelin of SotT

I feel that’s a bit hyperbolic. If you use the throwing axes, you can take the attack speed option in that same talent row and another single-handed typed weapon option like Dual Hammers or Dual Axes. Calling the throwing axes “pure trash” just shows that you’re only using them for ranged attacks when they actually do a really good job at single target damage if you unload using their Left-Click, or are decent at horde clearing when you aim first and then throw. They do the same damage with either attack, but get more cleave when you aim.

No that literally doesn’t work and never has. You get 0 bonuses and a dead talent with that combo.


If it would work as 1hd weapon i would actually use it on slayer.


I think they did in the WoM beta and then it was removed as if it were even remotely competitive with other slayer loadouts.

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Guess so, I must have been misinformed. Testing it out again, it does seem to be a dead talent. A shame, really, as the extra crit chance only seems to be worth it with this combo alone and no other.

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Yeah it is a shame. Honestly Slayer meta still feels way too defined by that one talent row. It is a blight on his build diversity possibilities.

@CommissarTyr Exactly, if the javelin exists, the throwing axe cannot continue like this. It is an absolute meme. Lower damage, lower flight speed, lower reload speed, lower flight parable, lower mobility, and no possibility of using melee.

Absolutely nobody:

Fatshark: We are going to make another OP weapon for the elf.

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I still don’t think javelins are even that out of line. Again, just their cleave is silly, though honestly it’s rare that many enemies are even lined up for you so I’m not sure it’s that big an issue.

And maybe the crit modifier is a bit high.

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