Kruber's "Hunter's Respite" talent description is off and too weak

When looking at the lvl 25 Hunter’s Respite talent, the tooltip describes it as “Markus recovers 4 health every second while under the effect of Hunter’s Prowl.” However, that isn’t the case as instead you gain 4 Temp HP per second.

Now that in itself wouldn’t be so bad, a tooltip description being off is not the end of the world and hopefully easily solved, however, when compared to every other similar talent of other ranged-class characters, it is so incredibly worse it falls behind significantly.

Sienna’s Pyromancer, Kerillian’s Waystalker and Bardin’s Ranger all have access to a talent that imbues 50 temp HP to the use of their Active Ability. Compared to that, Kruber’s talent only gives him a total of 24 temp HP (With the Hunter’s Prowl lasting 6 seconds), and not even instantly, but rather over time, slowing down the already rather small shielding effect.

This issue is compounded by the fact that, what with the new changes to the lvl 20 talents, a lot of ranged character have now gone to using the Healshare talent (As was suggested by the devs themselves in the Balance patch notes), and now rely on their active ability to supply them with much needed Temp HP, often taking an overall power hit by doing so.

I think this talent may need a tweak or two, either going back to what the original tooltip suggests, giving regular HP, at the cost of it being significantly slower than it’s competitors and a significantly lesser amount, or by bringing up the value of Temp HP gained significantly, to become at least on par with other character.

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Huntsman active should last 10 seconds.

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