Waystalker pasive ability revork

Probably nothing caused so much controversy in game as passive heal on waystalker. In BETA it was so powerful that there was no reason to play different carrier(except if you prefer HE or DE over WE in lore), after release this ability was nerfed to uselessness. So now there are two groups, one who want OP heal and the other who just hate Elf d̶w̶a̶r̶f̶s̶ :wink:. So I came up with an Idea, we can all agree that this passive could be either OP or useless. This heal should be replaced because from both game and lore perspective it doesn’t make sense, so I propose that heal should be replaced by diferent ability, me personally I think the best one could be ‘‘Waystalker cloak’’ unlike heal this would lower agro chance like ‘’-25% agro chance’’, that mean that AI would have lower chance of prioritizing you over your team. Not only this wouldn’t cause as much controversy, but it would also make more sense from lore side. What do you think about this Idea?

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So you basically wanna redirect the damage that was supposed for the waystalker to other teammates to handle it? People will love to play with elf (sarcasm)!!!

Also this is just bs. Did u miss the part where huntsman and bountyhunter were one-shotting bosses? We can argue that it was a bit overtuned, but not that strong as you describe it.

To leave some constructive feedback, just swapping the constraint of the nerf would already help. For example, you only heal when above 50% health. This would reward good play instead of bad play and make all lvl 15 talents work again.

Or make it scale with hero power, so it doesnt heal as much in the earlier stages in the game and thus does not offend recruit/veteran players as much.

in other words, it wouldn’t be so useless if it was working as it was supposed to be at launch. better late than never, but it would have been good to know this on launch day. I think a lot of salt would have been alleviated if this was made clear sooner. The reason people say it’s useless now is mostly because of what it did to her talents. In other words, later in the week she should be fine.

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‘‘Did u miss the part where huntsman and bountyhunter were one-shotting bosses?’’ No I did not, they can still kill bos in 2 sec if they want. My coment was about Elf carriers. But that is oftopic. Regarding your feedback that is good point and I can agree with you. But what if you have 2 grims because then you have only 33% of HP what then? Does your suggestion count with it? BTW my point about lore is still standing.

Elf healing nerf is the biggest fakup in this release. It made all elf’s lvl 15 skills redundant.

What the actual fk.

look at the dev post i linked. It wasn’t supposed to break her level 15 talents… something broke so it caused them to be messed up for now, and should be fixed later in the week. it’s a late explanation, but at least it’s an explanation.

That nerf didn’t break those talents. It just made the already existing bug more obvious. It wouldn’t heal team mates or regenerate ammo when you had 100% before the nerf.

While I don’t agree with your ability idea, I 100% agree they should just replace it with something else. I was thinking about something that enchance her range role in team, for example:

  1. Movement speed bonus for headshots- get 3% Movement speed for every headshot for 5 seconds, up to maximum of 15%. Each headshot resets duration.

That would allow her to kite with bow more, help her moving with bow while taking our priority targets in open fields when rest of the team is meleeing horde.

  1. Headshots have additional 5% Crit Chance and 15% Power- easy passive. If you are good and score headshots- you will be rewarded with increased Crit Chance and Power. Kruber Merc has passive 5% Crit to everything, so to balance that you need to score headshots we also add 15% more Power on headshots.

  2. Headshot kills grants Kerrilian 35% Crit Power bonus for 10 seconds- also easy passive.

  3. Headshots give back 1 ammo for whole team- also easy passive, useful to team.

  4. Headshots give Keri 50% bonus speed to drawing a bow for 5 seconds- also easy passive, very strong when you use your bows.

Something alonge those lines to give player some more reward on range gameplay and also to highlight her role as range specialist (anti special).

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great idea I totally agree with you

If anyone should have a lower aggro passive it should be shade to synergize with her backstab


Yeah, the health regen needs to be buffed or either reworked. It’s much useless right now.

Also the level 15 talents should be changed accordingly, if the health regen was changed. Didn’t make sense at all what they did.

Another passive would also be OK. As long as it’s suited to the lore.

I’m not sure there is such a thing as “aggro”, besides on bosses.
Most enemies seem to immediately turn towards who is most threatening, and for everything that doesn’t survive multiple hits, that’s the nearest player.
The exceptions to this are taunt, which probably just sets threat to 1 (attack this if you can), and invisibility, which probably sets it to 0, aka “ignore this”.
While I’d love a multiplier to a threat value, or, if it’s just based on distance, a way to sort of ‘add a meter’, I am doubtful the engine supports such.
Well, we can hope, I guess.

Couldn’t agree more, Shade’s passive is halfway useless if its impossible to get behind targets. Which is it unless the other players severely outrank you.¨

Instead of limiting it to 50% (in effect only making it useful if you’ve made a mistake or are the one tanking the bosses (which WS shouldn’t do?)), it could be rescaled to something like 1 tick heals 3% of missing health rounded up, ergo getting more heal when damaged but still not useless when quite healthy. Which also would keep it beginner friendly while making it somewhat useful at higher difficulties as well.

the amount of crying over people abusing an exploit to run faster with the spear and you think giving her more mobility isn’t going to be met with outrage by the same people?

the devs said that the level 15 talents are supposed to function independently of the regen itself (in other words, even at max hp) group regen supposed to wok on allies below 50% no matter what your hp is etc. they said the plan is to have it fixed later this week.

ah ok :smiley: then I’m ok with these changes :smiley:

I like it as it is, worked wonders in legend difficulty. Best in slot no doubt. Didn’t die or get downed once. Only healed twice, once when I needed it and once to top off because everyone had healing and we were moving away from that area.

How so?

Why doesn’t it make sense from a game perspective? A single career has a survival tool which makes sense to have on someone like a Waystalker and the tool can be applied in such a way that benefits both the Waystalker and the team. It’s a PvE game. If the player is having fun, being helpful, and impactful , what is the problem here?

Fatshark literally said that the pick rate for all 5 characters was almost even across the board. There were several great choices and one of the things people wanted is for the weaker and lackluster careers to be brought up. That argument of yours falls completely flat.

I would absolutely love to see that. I’ve played them and you literally can not. I guess you’re hallucinating or still playing beta.

1: Lore comes second to gameplay.
2: It actually does make sense from a lore perspective. Life is one of the things she’s a goddess of. Healing would make sense.

Due to the game’s AI, it’s incredibly difficult to try and proc the passive. Yeah.

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Can u pls not misquote me, i quoted Spit98 on that and did not say that my self. I even argued that its unlikely that the class distribution was heavily unbalanced. Op also said that he meant waystalker careers only and not all in a later response to my post.

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